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Anti Aging / Age Management Medicine - California Age Management Institute - Anti Aging Age Management Medicine. Serving you for 20 years. Resolving your challenges with menopause, andropause, cognitive and hormonal imbalances.

  • http://www.antiaging.com/anti-aging-age-management-medicine/why-antiaging-age-management-medicine/ Why is Anti Aging Age Management Medicine the future? - Anti Aging Age Management Medicine is the Age Wave of the Future. Because baby boomers do not want to grow older. Optimize your own personal health and wellness.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/antiaging/antiaging-plans/anti-aging-detailed-information/ Rejuvenation through Anti Aging Age Management Program - Anti Aging is rejuvenation. Growing older without aging. Increasing your healthspan. So you can feel, look and perform like you did 10 years ago.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/dr-philip-lee-miller/ Philip Lee Miller, MD - California Age Management Institute - Dr Philip Lee Miller, MD, Founder, Medical Director and CEO of California Age Management Institute. He has over 43 years of expansive medical experience.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/menopause-bioidentical-hormone-therapy/ Menopause / peri-menopause treated with bioidentical hormones - Menopause hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, irritability, and loss of libido can be treated with bioidentical hormone therapy
  • http://www.antiaging.com/low-testosterone-replacement-therapy/ Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Monterey CA - Testosterone replacement therapy for loss of sexual vigor and performance, poor self confidence, loss of purpose, and/or decisiveness.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/andropause-low-testosterone-therapy/ Andropause Testosterone Therapy - California Age Management Institute - Andropause follows low testosterone. Andropause is treated with bio identical testosterone hormone therapy for renewed health, stamina, vigor, decisiveness.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/bioidentical-estradiol-benefits/ Bioidentical estrogen has over 400 benefits - Bioidentical Estradiol estrogen has over 400 beneficial functions -- memory, vitality, secretions, mood, skin, hair, bones, and libido.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-1/ CyberHealth #1 - bodyfat, exercise, estrone and Dr. Jane Cauley - Dr. Love summarizes a study by Dr. Jane Cauley. The main determinant of postmenopausal estrone and estradiol production is the amount of body fat.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-2/ CyberHealth #2 - PEPI study and weight gain - PEPI study and weight gain. Insulin and alcohol. Lesser known symptoms of hypothyroidism. Xylitol reduces tooth decay.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-3/ CyberHealth #3 - hormones and sun tan - Hormones and sun tan. Why does Melatonin produce weird dreams? Is obesity a breast cancer or prostate cancer risk? Ovarian cancer risk reduction.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-9/ CyberHealth 9 - Hormones and your skin - Hormones and the Skin. Estriol cream combats wrinkles. DHEA’s androgenic effects on the skin.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-12-progesterone/ CyberHealth 12 Progesterone - California Age Management Institute - Dr David Zava talks about protective levels of Progesterone. He also talks about progestins and soy.toxicity.

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  • Tonya Elliott - Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture

    Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture. Setup was fast and easy. Most difficult part of set up was getting the code to work on my universal remote. It has good options for picture quality adjustments and sound adjustments. When watching sports it brings the sportscaster voice to the front and the crowd noise is in the background. Picture is crisp and clear.

  • J. Mason - Best high chair for my twins!

    I cannot say enough about this high chair!!! I have a 4 year old, too and we used 3 different kinds with him. We had a different hook on chair, which ripped the second time I used it. This chair I researched extensivly for my twins as I would have to buy 2 high chairs... and I could not be happier! I have a small eat in kitchen and dining area so I could not fit 2 standard size high chairs, or even 2 hook-on-the-chair kind (which I had for my older son and loved) so I found this, and have been using it for 4 months and LOVE IT!!!!! I highly recomend it to everyone! It is perfect! go ahead- you won't be disappointed! Enjoy!

  • Yvonne Ybarra - Marrakech Argan Oil Set

    Product arrived right on time. I used to buy it at the salon and it was expensive so when I saw what a great deal this was I had to buy it! My hair absolutely loves this product and it smells so good!

  • Paul Mayer - Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs ...

    Most of the positive reviews for this movie don’t understand all the negative reviews. I, however cannot understand how someone can watch this move and give it 5 stars. Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs among them. For me, that would but this movie on the level of The Blues Brothers. Trading Places, Blazing Saddles, The Big Lebowski to name a few. It doesn’t matter which movies top your list, I just can’t fathom this movie being on that level. I’m not a critic but if I had to say it fails on all levels because it can’t decide what it wants to be. It seems to work best if you think of it as an assemble. All four of the leading actors have funny moments (and I have seen them all to be hilarious in other projects) but none of the jokes really land. The biggest problem is the move has no direction. Now granted a comedy doesn’t need much of a plot, but this movie has nothing to allow one scene to build on the last or for the viewer to become vested in the characters. If you think about it most great comedies start with a chuckle and end with belly laughs.

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