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  • C. Pizzolato - It works!

    Simply follow the directions on the box, drink it at night, and it will work the morning after you drink it. Sometimes, you may feel some slight cramping, but then you know it is working. However, it is not good to use daily as your body will come to rely on it. Use sparingly and you will be pleased.

  • Jenn Reedy - LIFE CHANGING!! ! WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN??! ????

    I first tried these with great hesitation & was not expecting to like them. I LOVE THEM!!! I have always had a super heavy period. I go thru a pad in like 20-30 mins. I've used super tampons & overnight thin ultra maxi pads TOGETHER and still leaked. I have it for about 8-10 days too , ugh 😝. Well, THESE were a blessing!! I can wear 1 for 5 hours at my heavy time & 8-10 the rest ! After you figure out the learning curve on how to properly insert it, get it in it's place, you are Golden! I just can't get over these! NO CRAMPS from tampons, I don't even know it's in there! I have not leaked & no longer need 2 forms of protection at a time & spend a small fortune each month on the both! These are so cost efficient, they work well, & a GREAT perk- SEX with your period is no longer messy!!! 👏💕🎉 woohoo!! This little gem in place allow you to have sex & not make a mess. Unless you get umm, kinda rockin' it will stay put & it's up there so it's not in the way or bothersome for you or Him! That alone makes me want to buy a truck load!! But they also work, stay in, easy to get out when you want, no leaks, no cramps, & it hold a lot of fluid! This is the best thing since the tampon was introduced! It's better.

  • EvMama - Great for sleep, thinking clarity, and more!

    Great flavor, easy to take. Add to night time tea before bed. Can make bowels loose, read back well. I do not use as much as they recommend. Magnesium is critical to almost all functions in your body, and -ate ending forms are absorbed readily. Thinking is clearer during day, helps one sleep well and fall asleep faster at night.

  • Emily Mann - SO MAD!

    I have been using this product religiously for the past YEAR... And both of my children just contracted a horrible case of lice. What a waste of money!!!

  • Kindle Customer - They don't fit!

    The smaller pans fit the smaller burners fine, but the bigger pans are a bit too big for the burners, leaving a gap for food particles to get underneath. They slip around and interfere with the burner grate plugging into the stove "outlet". Sometimes when I turn the burner on, there is no heat, so I have to take it all apart and "seat" the burner again to make it work. These are a pain, and I really need to replace them....AGAIN.

  • Jenn Stone - Beautiful Barbie

    This Barbie doll was quite lovely in person, the pics don't do it justice. The only thing that could make it better is if the silver details on the dress were not just glitter and were silver embroidery. It's still gorgeous. The jewelry details are amazing. The hair and face on this doll is very glamorous. She makes a great edition to a Barbie collection.

  • Amazon Customer - Totally worth it for the look!

    This grill came a little rough but I had it professionally painted and it looks AWESOME!! Fit perfectly!!!!

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