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Moroccan Argan Oil | Argan Oil Reviews And Guides 2016 - Have You Ever Tried Moroccan Argan Oil? It Has so Many Benefits & Uses For Hair, Face, Skin. It's like Having 5 Beauty Products in ONE

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  • Cherie J. Hepburn - Good product

    Isagenix is not bad and I've used their products for a few years. However, common sense needed before using any product or program. If you do a cleans for nine days on anything, you will lose weight, it will come back when you resume your normal habits. People must eat to survive. The consumption of the right foods throughout the day with even moderate exercise will result in weight lose, you just need to find out what the right foods are for you. Isagenix comes in handy when real food is not available or inappropriate for the situation, like in the middle of a meeting.

  • Daniel - Great idea, poor execution

    Great idea, poor execution. I've gotten cut on the three separate occasions that I've used it. It will literally tear chunks of your skin off. On the other hand, it cuts very close so if you can deal with pain and a lot of blood, then it may be your cup of tea.

  • Allie411 - Got Compliments on My Skin! On Oprah's List of Favorite Things for a Reason

    I had a friend and a family member who complemented me on my skin after using this product regularly. My skin is dry and acne prone due to hormones. So that was a big deal for me! Woo! Only problem is that it dries out really badly into this weird ball of hardened gel after not using it for a while. Follow the directions and don't make my mistake of saving it! It helps exfoliate better than other washes I have used.

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