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  • TechStudent2011 - Make sure you're ready for the small hassles

    Gave me a headache. Used it for facial hair growth. Helped my moutache grow a little more. Helped the hairs on the side of my face grow a little more. Worsened my ance though. AND found out if it comes into contact with a cat it will kill them. I love my cat so it had to go.

  • James C. Bennett - One of the things I enjoy the most about Bobby's novels are that

    Another smash from Mr. Akart. Truly is a "turning point" in the Ryman's lives as they struggle in the world without power. One of the things I enjoy the most about Bobby's novels are that, aside from being a fast paced post apocalyptic stories, he sneaks in easy to create preps for an event like he writes about. If you are a fan of the genre and interested in how a 'normal' family would get going before, during, and after an EMP, this is the one. Remember the THREE B's !

  • McKool - Really a Great Mouse...... just a bit too narrow

    This really is a great mouse. The only negative thing that I can fault it for is that it is just a little too narrow. I do not have large hands, just regular average mitts and this mouse is just a bit too narrow.

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