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  • sodakar - Great warmer, average instructions

    With far more potential energy than dry hand warmers and/or AA-based hand-warmers, this pocket warmer delivers.

  • Bianca Reagan - Better than drugs

    I was given this product by my doctor and it seemed to be effective although I did have to take many pills a day when my allergies were bad. However, I started getting migraines every day and eventually realized it was from this product. I believe it may have been the nettle. I also do not like that they use magnesium stearate which has a lot of negative effects. I have switched to Thorne and Pure Encapsulations products.

  • Aaron A. - great!

    Great product. Truly feels like you're experiencing the World Cup. Fabulous graphics. Excellent game modes. No flaws.

  • J. Moore - It's OK

    Started Animal M-Stak as basically my first supplement (other then whey) and wasn't expecting too much after reading a ton of reviews. Think I got more of a placebo effect then anything - trained a little harder - got ever more sore then normal, but no gains or noticeable change in size. Its relatively cheap and easy to use. No negative side effects if you stay off the red pill. I only took the 'stim' pill once but I'm caffeine sensitive and it made me jittery and anxious; but most people will probably be OK with them, just don't take them at night unless you hate sleep. Good product to try, but doubt I will buy again.

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