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  • Mike M. - Great product, needed a little help using File Manager

    Bought two Ti4 boxes for a singular purpose: to supply a medical office client of mine with the ability to have two TV's in their waiting room, one for kids and the other for adults, each playing content from the SV card, starting with the first video/movie, then looping through all content files and, when finished with the last, going back to the top. They had no need for or desire to stream content. I bought these boxes because a web reviewer said I could use these boxes for that purpose exclusively. True enough and we eventually got it working for both TVs. However, the process of copying MP4 files from USB to the SD card was a little frustrating....i.e., using File Manager and cut/paste. Not intuitive at all. It would be very nice if someone could address this issue and maybe make a short Youtube video explaining the process. By the way, now that I know it works, I'm tempted to get another box for home use, even though I have TiVo boxes already because I like the idea of ripping MP4's from my DVD collection and storing them for future use when there's nothing good on Netflix.

  • Joseph M. Battaglia - Great program!

    Great program...easy to use. I upgraded from Autocad 2000 - what a difference! I recommend this program to anyone who needs to create technical drawings.

  • Sandy Hack - There's Plenty Here to Upset Both Liberals and Conservatives

    This thoroughly researched analysis of the overwhelming changes in American society since 1960 is compelling reading. Murray compares a prototypical "New Elite Class" town (Belmont) with a "New Lower Class" town (Fishtown) and convincingly concludes that the growing division is not a function of race, but of class. Until the 1960s America had a homogeneous culture; people had 3 TV stations to watch, nearly universal employment, marriage, religious observance, and a low crime rate. The downside was the status of African Americans and women, who had severely constricted life choices. Elites and the working class used to live fairly similar lives in close proximity. Now, the New Lower Class is experiencing sharp deterioration and the New Elites have segregated themselves and pulled up the drawbridge.

  • Dennis - feels very different and markedly improved OH digestion without body ...

    feels very different and markedly improved OH digestion without body redness i used to have after 3 bottle of hops

  • CWTK - A must have item for babies and kids!

    This is such a wonderful thermometer! We actually registered for two styles of thermometer. One being the good old fashion one and we also registered for an ear one. The first time we needed to take the babies temperature, even at a whopping 12 pounds, it took two adults. If you haven't already discovered this.. babies don't like having their temperature taken.

  • Beaglehead - Nice product, state version a little pricey.

    I have been using TT business for 6 years. It makes doing my corporate tax returns about as easy as it gets. It's actually easier than having an accountant do it. I have 3 companies. Total time is usually about 5 hours for all 3. My only complaint is the price on the state, but I always end up paying it because it makes the process just too easy.

  • Norcal Rob - Nice alternative to a separate camera bag

    This insert is ideal for carrying camera equipment in a bag which was not designed as a camera bag. It holds my DSLR, video camera, and small point and shoot camera along with some accessories. I am quite happy with this product.

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