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  • fixedgear - It's great, I'm feeling good

    It's great, I'm feeling good. Works fine, got used to it quickly. Been using it every other day, only downside is buying cartridges forever. Good product, well made, easy instructions, is helping my schnozz.

  • Janine - transformed my health

    I've been taking it for nearly a year now and I feel like I owe future shoppers my experience. When I was only 15, I was on dozens of antibiotics, steroids, etc for several months for various infections (which I later discovered to be symptomatic of candida). Once I did some research, I started a strict candida diet and probiotics, which helped the symptoms, but I was losing weight too quickly along with my energy and vibrancy. I was in NY visiting family and I visited this one store that had a green drink I tried, for three days my symptoms were completely gone. I was curious as to why, so I furthered researched the issues I was having and came to the conclusion that excess candida could not thrive in a more alkaline, oxygenated environment. This kind of environment is also vital to good health and I believe could even kill cancer cells. I ended up buying myself a green drink which helped, I just didn't experience the initial results. I was still trying to figure out the best way to get more oxygen to my cells (yoga, h2o2, etc), which were all either time-consuming or costly. My step sister, who was recovering from about a year of chemo, started taking this little bottle. I read up about online and thought maybe this is what I've been looking for. Well it certainly was. With my green drink and bentonite clay drinks my symptoms are 100% gone and I'm like a brand new person. It's great being able to devote my time to other things now that don't involve trying to get my health in check. btw, this stuff is also great for cuts/ scars/ skin ailments if you dilute it with roughly 20 parts water. I do this when I don't feel like buying their gel.

  • Ryan - Great Processor for Video Processing

    This processor has been lightning fast for my video processing needs, in addition to providing a solid platform for my gaming habits. I would only recommend this processor to anyone who needs the 8 cores though. Having this processor solely for gaming, or light workstation use, would be a true waste. If this is you, save your money, get a 6700k, and use that money to upgrade a system elsewhere.

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