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  • John C Ritch - Get One!

    Very nice PC that takes up very little room. Was able to set up Windows Media Center with an over-the-air HD antennae in no time. It's now my main TV PC.

  • DeuceDawg287 - No blockbuster, but entertaining!

    My daughter's friends were all a buzz over this movie so I rented it so she could see what the hype was. I had seen it before, but it was fun to watch it with her. Definitely not Oscar material by any means, but somewhat entertaining, from a "yikes, what the heck would you do if something crazy like that happened?!?!"

  • R. Lee Barrett - More Longmire layers revealed for fans of the series...

    There are certain hallmarks to Craig Johnson's writing, including wit, humility, and easy-to-love characters, which have contributed to the rapid success, growth and popularity of the the "Longmire" franchise. Fans will be happy to see that all those hallmarks are on display in the latest installment of the series "An Obvious Fact." The introduction of "Lola", an inspiration across the board, is a bitter-sweet development in the larger story of Henry Standing Bear. Thanks to Lola, we see a few more layers of this deceptively complex character a he goes into a slow-burn through a good portion of the story. Johnson offsets this awkward reunion with Henry's apparent obsession with Sherlock Holmes. Few writers are truly laugh out loud funny, but Johnson is one of them, and in all the right ways. Johnson also finds a way to tap into some of the shadowy recesses of today's headlines. Between his dive into the world of the "outlaw" biker (and the not so outlaw biker), and the running joke of a militarized police force which comes in handy in an almost Clete Purcell kind of way, Johnson keeps the Longmire archetype in a just right straddle somewhere in between 1881 and the first day of FaceBook. One thing that is not deceptive here, "An Obvious Fact" is likely to please all the established readers, and even has something for the first time Longmire reader as well.

  • Christopher Galbraith - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

    This was a waste of money and time. It never foamed or covered the grown to protect the seeds. In fact all it did was turn my fingers green from the green dye. Then to make things worst, the seeds did not grow, even after I kept them wet everyday. I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone and if I could I would ask for my money back.

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