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  • Amazon Customer - It's a 50/50 shot homie

    I chopped my hair from over 4 inches on the top down to 1 then I used only one box. Whether it was because of the poo, my hair being too short to accurately test, or by the grace of god I passed. I survived testing positive for pot and mdma so thats cool.

  • FRENCHY - Positively speaking i can say " I got what i paid for and some".

    ****I purchased this white SB6141 over the black SB6141 for one main reason. If you do your research you will notice that the Black SB6141 are only issued to ISP's from Motorola. Meaning, if you purchase a black model from Amazon (or any store), you are purchasing a used or refurbished product (they also ship in ordinary brown cardboard boxes). The only consumer model of the SB6141 is the white model which ships in traditional packaging. The white model is THE ONLY model that comes with a warranty from Motorola. I know this because I called Motorola twice and spoke to two (2) different reps who said the same thing; "Black boxes are for ISP's and do not have a warranty while the white boxes are for consumers and come with a warranty". Further complicating matters is that the black SB6141's usually have old firmware on them because they were generally made a few years ago. White SB6141 have newer or the newest firmware because they are shipping directly from the manufacturer. Your ISP may or may not flash customer owned modems to the newest firmware. If you purchase the Black model, you might be purchasing a 3 year old modem with no chance of upgrading it, also remember that you cannot flash your own modem's firmware.

  • Bennie M. Sanders Jr. - Educational and fun to read!

    As always Craig Johnson has written another winner! This book is really hard to put down. I'm waiting for the next one now. He puts many facts in his story that I never knew about, so not only is it a great read but educational as well.

  • R. D. Christman - Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013 - 5 Devices

    Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013 - 5 Devices. Short and Sweet. Webroot has been the best for like 15 years. I've installed 1000's of times. I've never been sorry that I did. This newest version is great for old systems. It only uses a little bit of memory and resources of the computer, unlike every other product out there. I've been removing viruses from customers computers for about 20 years. I've seen all the other companies products, and I highly recommend Webroot. Buy it today!

  • Fogger_man - Remote works as advertised!!!

    Shipped fast, works great! Programming directions were weird, but they worked just fine. Definitely saved a LOT of money vs dealer! Almost identical to factory remote. Had to look on back to see any difference. Even came with battery included! Whaaaaat?

  • TheHandsomeDan - More fun than expected

    In the early 2000's, I was pretty intensely into Dance Dance Revolution. And when this came around, I rolled my eyes at the franchise as a cheap clone. Turns out this is actually a really well done title. My only real beef has been with the "sing along" mode. You can't turn that OFF, and it keeps detecting the games own music as perfect singing, which it then gives to player one. Player one will always win because of this. Period. Very annoying design flaw.

  • Kenny Watts - Cool Mag

    I like this magazine, but it makes me want to go to ALL the places it shows you and I don't have the. Money!

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