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Home - AtlanteExport - Atlante Export è un’iniziativa commerciale volta alla promozione della commercializzazione di prodotti italiani di nicchia verso l’Estero.Al fine di superare le barriere che spesso impediscono alla nostra tradizione culinaria più autentica di varcare i confini, Atlante Export raccoglie i prodotti di diversi produttori italiani in un paniere, garantendo la varietà agli acquirenti, oltre al rispetto di volumi minimi per la sostenibilità economica delle spedizioni.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Amazon Customer - Plug and Play. Simple install.

    Pre wired for you practically. This is exactly what you want if you have 2 lights on the same switch and want them to kick on together. Designed to take power for the relay straight from the battery but you can hook the switch power to the battery for constant power or steal it from the brights, reverse lights, auxiliary etc. Great design, easy install. I will be buying these for every install from now on.

  • KEITH BALENTINE - Waste of Money

    don't waste your money... does not work... false claims is what this product is all about.. customer service does not exist...

  • Grady - Great, but...

    I do not usually try earbuds. I served for 20+ years in the Navy as an engineer and wore hearing protection most of my career. Ear buds do not stay in my ears. My navy hearing protection was either triple flange ear buds or the over the ear (Mickey Mouse) kind. I tried these because triple flange was an option. I am glad I did. They are great because when I cut the grass I wear these under my mickey mouse ears and because they are so small there is no pressure from the other hearing protection, (which are worn over these) while I am cutting the grass. The only reason why I do not give 5 stars is my battery life has not been what is advertised. I put them on after fully charging them overnight and they die before I finish cutting my grass. While cutting grass I only listen to music, no phone calls. It takes from 2 hrs to 2:15 to cut my grass. I use an app to track my steps with a timer so I know my time is accurate. I have used them twice and they have quit at the 1:45 and 1:50 respectively. I may choose to buy another set since they are much less than most others I have seen.

  • Kevin Criqui - Top quality at a great price

    The best ABS filament I have found for my Printrbot. I'm printing with pretty standard 230C extruder and 90C bed temperatures. Even with a 0.3mm layer height, the layer to layer adhesion is excellent and produces super strong parts. An excellent value for the price.

  • MunchkinsMom - Completely Disappointed

    Don't waste your money!!! Pads stopped sticking after two usages. I applied the pads to clean dry skin and they kept sliding off. After the second round, they stopped sticking completely. I even tried lightly wetting them and letting them air dry as some users recommended...no use! I would have been able to give the unit more stars, but if the pads won't stick, what good are the electronic pulses???

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