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Atlantis Project | Pre-med Fellowship Abroad - The Atlantis Fellowship is an international shadowing internship for pre-med students. Successful applicants gain a perspective on global medicine through immersive hospital shadowing rotations and ethical clinical exposure overseas. Atlantis Fellows also have access to volunteering, MCAT and AMCAS preparation resources, and research opportunities in the medical humanities. If you are pursuing a medical career, apply to go abroad with us in winter, spring, or summer 2017. We equip the next generation of American medical leaders to pursue their callings.

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  • J. Kovsky - Cute if you could get them on

    These are adorable, and if you have very flat feet I'm sure you would like them. There is no give or elastic to slip your foot into them. I got a larger size and ad said they were wide, so I figured heavy socks would work. I can barely get them on without socks. I was excited when they arrived because they are really cute and flat heeled. Slip-ons have to have some way to get your foot into them. I am returning.

  • J. A. Utah - makes me feel weird when i take it

    makes me feel weird. i didn't see any increase, but i sure has alot more spit production . my head would pound sometimes while taking this too. i wouldn't recommend this.

  • Raindrop - I love Kaspersky!

    I have used Norton, McAfee and AVG. Either they bogged down my computer or they let all kinds of spam get through. Kaspersky does the job. I'm not real techie but it was easy to install, not problems updating and it keeps my computer from getting all the junk mail.

  • Bill - Incorrect interstate ID, missing interstates

    Some interstates are missing. I have been driving these interstates for overs two years but they either don't show up or are missing completely. Maps are disappointing. It does seem that the book is not being updated but rather just rebound with a new cover. A call into their customer service waiting for a return call.

  • JR Parrow - Publish Like A Pro

    I needed this for publishing a newsletter at church. From the initial install to the first draft, complete with photos I think I invested less than an 3 hours of my time and it turned out beautifully. Easy interface for the install (typical) and very useful hints. Great product!

  • Amazon Customer - Enjoyed reading Fluency and recommend it to you.

    The book was definitely entertaining. I do think the depiction of the crew was a bit amateurish, but then again, I am a reader and not a writer. The concept is sound. An exploratory mission to investigate a potentially derelict ship from which the Roswell, NM 1947 alien wreck came from that created the Alien museum, etc. It was a good read, fairly fast paced. I would hope that the United States wouldn't appear as bellicose as depicted in the end. However, the premise of a relic alien and his machinations was well executed but the human side seemed a bit simplistic as to motivations. This was eased a bit by and infectious agent of some sort that caused these deviations from the norm. However, like all things, it was entertaining, without going too far out of the realm of the possible. I personally felt the ending was too abrupt. this is seems obviously a device to provide a hook for a continuation. I believe this could have been done in a less abrupt manner and still preserve a follow-on story.

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