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Long Term Acute Care Hospital | Atrium Medical Center - Atrium Medical Center is a licensed Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTAC). Our focus is providing quality care to medically complex adult patients.

  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide.aspx Patient Guide | Atrium Medical Center - Vibra Hospital's patient guide will assist you with any questions you may have while you're a patient at our care facility.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/admissions.aspx Admission Requirements | Atrium Medical Center - After completing admission paperwork, a nursing staff member answers questions about the patient’s care or accommodations with the patient and family.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/financial_arrangements.aspx Financial Arrangements | Atrium Medical Center - Most insurance covers your stay with Vibra Hospital. Prior to admissions we will coordinate coverage requirements with your insurance company.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/hospital_stay.aspx Your Hospital Stay | Atrium Medical Center - To make your stay at Vibra Hospital better please bring a copy of your medications with dose & strength. We also advise you to leave valuables at home.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/personal_needs.aspx Patient Personal Needs | Atrium Medical Center - Patients are encouraged to bring any corrective devices or equipment they currently are using, such as hearing aids, dentures or glasses.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/smoke_free.aspx Smoke Free Facility | Atrium Medical Center - Vibra Hospital is a smoke free facility. No smoking is permitted on the grounds of the hospital.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/visiting_hours.aspx Visiting Hours | Atrium Medical Center - Regular visiting hours are designated from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven (7) days a week. Visitor limitations may apply. Group visits can be arraigned. 
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/health_insurance.aspx Health Insurance | Atrium Medical Center - Vibra accepts most insurance plans, including, Medicare. Hospitalization insurance information is verified prior to admission. CALL: 219.472.2200
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/food_services.aspx Food Services | Atrium Medical Center - Our food is fresh home style cooking with a variety. The patient is able to select food items from a menu daily including those with restricted diets.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/local_hotel_list.aspx Local Hotel List | Atrium Medical Center - Here is a list of places to stay close to Atrium Medical Center. Make sure to ask for special rates to include hospital or AAA discounts.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/restaurants.aspx Restaurants Nearby | Atrium Medical Center - Restaurants that are in close proximity to Atrium Medical Center. These Restaurant are listed as a courtesy for our patient's families.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/patient_outcomes_brochures.aspx Patient Outcomes Brochures | Atrium Medical Center - Atrium Medical Center offerers brochures that show the outcomes from previous years.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/patient_guide/virtual_tour.aspx Virtual Tour | Atrium Medical Center - Please do not hesitate to call our admissions department at 219-472-2200 if you have questions about our services or to schedule a tour of our facility.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/inpatient_services.aspx Inpatient Services | Atrium Medical Center - Our 40 bed licensed hospital has High Acuity Unit & Cardiac Monitored beds. Includes over 15 Physician Specialties & on-site rehabilitation services.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/outpatient_services.aspx Outpatient Services | Atrium Medical Center - Atrium Medical Center offers a wide variety of outpatient services in a location that is easily accessed from Interstate 35-E with ample convenient parking.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/outpatient_services/outpatient_services_brochures.aspx Outpatient Services Brochures | Atrium Medical Center - Atrium Medical Center offers outpatient service brochures in the areas of Infusion, Radiology, and Special Procedures.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/specialty_services.aspx Specialty Services | Atrium Medical Center - Atrium Healthcare provides specialty services including Asthma, Infusion Clinic, LTACH, and Wound Care Clinic.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/specialty_services/asthma.aspx Help For Asthma Sufferers | Atrium Medical Center - Atrium Medical Center offers Asthma treatments for server adult asthma patients.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/specialty_services/infusion_clinic.aspx Infusion Clinic | Atrium Medical Center - Infusion therapy involves introducing a fluid into a vein to provide medication or other treatment that cannot be taken by mouth to treat illness or counteract the side effects of treatment on a short- or long-term basis.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/specialty_services/ltach.aspx LTACH | Atrium Medical Center - An LTACH is a long-term acute care hospital that provides medical treatment for patients requiring intensive medical care for an extended period of time, generally 20 to 30 days, after they have been stabilized in a general hospital.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/specialty_services/wound_care_clinic.aspx Wound Care Clinic | Atrium Medical Center - The Wound Care Clinic at Atrium Medical Center is an outpatient clinic comprised of an experienced team of healthcare professionals dedicated to the treatment of a variety of wounds.
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/career_opportunities.aspx Career Opportunities | Atrium Medical Center - At Vibra Specialty Hospital, our managers greet you by your first name and know why you’re passionate about healthcare. Join Our team!
  • http://www.atriumhealthcare.net/career_opportunities/why_work_for_us.aspx Why Work for Us? | Atrium Medical Center - There really is no one reason to choose Vibra Healthcare. Why not find out for yourself what makes Vibra Specialty Hospital a great place to work?

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