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Autismcalciumchannelopathy Homepage - Disturbances in calcium signalling pathways, including elevated calcium levels in autistic brains, as the underlying molecular cause of autism regardless of etiology. Scientific research studies show underlying biological abnormalities in autism: irregularities in neurotransmitter systems, cholesterol metabolism, mitochondrial enzyme activities, and levels and secretion rhythms of hormones; decreased cerebral blood flow and increased cerebral water content; oxidative stress including low glutathione, mitochondrial dysfunction, altered intestinal microflora; and intestinal damage and inflammation, active ongoing inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and the CNS in autism, abnormality of the immune function, absence of T cell activation following stimulation, decreased NK cells activity, dysregulated apoptosis mechanisms, imbalances of serum immunoglobulin levels, increased numbers of monocytes, and abnormal T helper cell ratio. Similarities between HIV infection in children and idiopathic autism point to an exogenous retroviral infection such as xmrv gammaretrovirus or similar infection being the root cause of autism epidemic.

  • http://www.autismcalciumchannelopathy.com/HIV_and_Autism.html HIV and XMRV Retroviruses and Autism - Similarities between HIV infection in children and idiopathic autism. Could xenotropic murine leukaemia virus-related virus - XMRV, or another novel human retrovirus be the root cause of the autism epidemic. Pathology induced by HIV retrovirus and animal exogenous retroviruses closely matches abnormal findings in idiopathic autism, including mitochondrial, gastrointestinal, inflammation, immune system abnormalities/ immune function in autism, abnormal methylation, oxidative stress low glutathione, microglial activation, blood brain barrier breakdown, brain capillary vasoconstriction and vasodilation, cellular calcium overload. Reactivation of retroviral load by vaccines. Neurological abnormalities in retroviral infection: language and behavioural impairments, lack of social skills, repetitive actions, gross and fine motor abnormalities, sensitivities to light and sound. Degree of autistic symptoms in haart naive children corresponds with viral load and CD4+ count.

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  • Amazon Customer - ... all the negativity with the elections this was the perfect read for me

    With all the negativity with the elections this was the perfect read for me. It encouraged me with my own business. I love Joanna and Chip and their stories make me appreciate them even more. I laughed and cried out loud almost every page of the book!

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful agenda, but I wish it was a different size

    This is a beautiful book! It's gorgerous on the inside with a page of stickers you can use to decorate your agendas, 2 folder pockets, an introduction page, a place to write your "dates to celebrate" "party planning notes," and a section in the back of the book to write notes (about 15 pages double-sided (30 pages total)). EACH month is decorated differently with a theme and each page is decorated differently as well. And it comes with a band to keep your agenda closed so nothing comes flying out.

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