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  • Amazon Customer: Tamara - Uh, MORE PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!!

    Alright, so yes.... this book.. my first thing is: WHEN DOES THE NEXT ONE COME OUT!!! I did not realize that this series was just started when I picked up this book (and then barely put it down, because I had to read it, it was very entertaining). So, yes, that is probably my only real negative about this book, that I NEED MORE! So, about the book it self without spoilers because, well you need to read the book yourself, but it is about a shifter named Jessa (or Jess Babe, as the Compasses call her), which they are four hunky supes as well (dragon shifter, fey, vampire, and wizard). The Compasess are four brothers (quad), and they are powerful and deliciously protective in their own rights. Anyways... ya so this story is about Jessa and her relationships with her men in her life and how they overcome obstacles and trials. It has references to food, sex, and more food, as well as fighting and action. I do not recall if there is any "language" but it can be violent, but no worse than you see on prime time television or the 7 o clock news.

  • Luis S. - Pretty cool! assembly instructions next to useless so got to be creative

    Its pretty cool... Assembly is... well not very straight forward and instructions are next to... useless... but if you like legos and a challenge its not impossible, and a good home depot or lowes near by would help a lot in case you need "extras" (mine had a piece missing to stabilize the front wheel and purchased some nuts and washers to hold it together... so far so good....

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