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Avant Card: Postcard Printing and National Distribution - Out of home media company within the Australian media landscape, reaching 6 million people weekly: postcard printing and nationally distribution network

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  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/finder Avant Card: Out of Home Advertising, print and distribution - Avant Card has established comprehensive reach into the consumer marketplace and provides clients with a creative and visually stunning media format that can reach targeted niche or mass consumer groups.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/media/ Avant Card: out of home advertising: Postcards & distribution - With a national distribution network Avant Card out of home advertising can be accessed by more than 6.1 million people each week.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/media/postcard-design/ Avant Card: Postcard Design for postcard advertising - The Avant Card Design Studio delivers outstanding postcard design for your campaign message creatively and effectively
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/media/print-run/ Avant Card: Print Run Schedule – Printing & Distribtuion - Print Run Schedule occur every 2 weeks, you must book into a print run to reserve a space in displays – time on display is 1 month.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/media/postcards/ Avant Card: Postcard Printing and Distribution Service - Avant Card postcard printing and distribution service includes standard print and special finish postcards.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/media/mini-mags-folded-posters/ Avant Card: Mini-Mags or Magazines and Distribution Service - Mini-Mags are available in a range of pages, and are small format magazines – an ideal way to promote messages in greater detail.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/media/branded-display-banners/ Avant Card: Outdoor Banner & Display Advertising - Outdoor Banner & Display Advertising extends Avant Card’s effectiveness as a vehicle for consumer messaging
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/media/lenticular-postcards/ Avant Card: Lenticular Postcards Printing - Lenticular postcard printing can easily be described as specially prepared graphics that are designed to work together with a lenticular lens.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/distribution/ Avant Card: National Advertising & Distribution Services - A successful medium largely because of unique advertising distribution service capabilities to our exclusive venue network.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/distribution/audience/ Avant Card: Consumer Target Audience with Distribution - To effectively target specific consumer groups, the following consumer target audience package types are available within our extensive Distribution Network
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/distribution/cycle/ Avant Card: Out of Home Advertising, print and distribution - Out of home meda company within the Australian media landscape, reaching 6 million people weekly: postcard printing and nationally distribution network
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/distribution/reports/ Avant Card: Accountability & Post Campaign Reports - Every Avant Card postcard campaign is evaluated and reported on so clients can objectively determine the level of campaign success
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/distribution/program-product-distribution/ Avant Card: Program & Product Distribution - In addition to postcard media, Avant Card offers an exclusive CD and magazine distribution service that sees titles receiving exposure in a range of venues.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/distribution/displays/ Postcard Display Distributed Nationally, Avant Card - Avant Card prides itself on presenting innovative and eye-catching postcard media via our custom-designed postcard displays.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/case-studies/market-research/ Avant Card: Postcard Marketing & Market Research - Understand who our audience is, providing you with up-to-the-minute information that will help you utilise the postcard marketing to its full potential.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/blog/ Avant Card: News – On Display Every Day - News from Avant Card the out of home media company, offering postcard design, production and an extensive national distribution network.
  • http://www.avantcard.com.au/blog/postcard-awards/ Avant Card: Postcard Awards – current shortlist - Creativity. Strategy. Cut-through. These are the three elements that will see a campaign make it on the shortlist for Postcard Awards Month and Year winners

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  • Jenerator - Glad I bought it

    I think this book is a must have if you are applying to medical school. It will give you a good idea about the GPA and MCAT expectations of the schools you are interested in, and required course work. It also tells you how many in-state/out-of-state applicants are accepted amongst other things. At my school you can check it out but I am glad I bought it so I can mark it up and continuously refer back to it.

  • Happy Mom - Love it

    I love how this product makes my face feel. I started with a free sample that based on other moisturizers would have lasted 2-3 days - it lasted 2-3 weeks. A little goes a long way.

  • ABRAHAM G RODRIQUEZ - Such a cool thing

    mthermade masks are one of my favorite sheet masks out there. They come in a box of ten and there are plenty of selections to choose from. Each mask is individually packaged and filled with plenty of left over essence that you can apply to your legs and arms. Pop these in the frig and use during a hot evening is nice little treat to cool you down. I especially love these because they do not leave your face sticky afterwards, and does not break me out. A must have for those lazy days after work when I need a quick pick me up! Amazon offers them at a great price!

  • Claire - Scent disappointing, otherwise great

    I love Burts Bee's products, and we especially use a lot of the Baby Bee products around here. I was really looking forward to this but was disappointed by the scent. It has the BEST consistency, "soapiness", and rinse off. But in case you expect to smell like lavender, be aware that it smells nothing like it. Smells like a vanilla only, but not one I especially like.

  • raintree - Good little outfit!

    This little police uniform is awesome. I know this is a Halloween outfit however I bought this for my younger cousin who is 5 years old as a Christmas present because he loves to play cop. Therefore I can't tell you exactly how I feel but I can tell you that I'm satisfied with it.

  • peony - Perfect Glue!

    I've used this glue on wood, metal and paper. It sets up quickly, but does take a little while to dry thoroughly. It is well worth the wait.

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