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Arizona Health Care Association | Phoenix | Skilled Nursing Facilities - AHCA takes pride in being the state's largest professional long term care association and advocacy organization representing skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.

  • http://www.azhca.org/who-we-are/ Long Term Care | Nursing Facilities | Assisted Living | Arizona | AHCA - The Arizona Health Care Association (AHCA) welcomes you to www.azhca.org, your online resource to long term care in Arizona.
  • http://www.azhca.org/who-we-are/vision-mission/ Arizona Skilled Nursing Facilities | Assisted Living Centers | Phoenix - AHCA is committed to continuously improve the quality of life of all persons requiring long term health care.
  • http://www.azhca.org/members/quality-issues/ Nursing Home | Arizona Health Care Association - AHCA is pleased to provide the following training module on the CMS Five Star Quality Rating System.

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  • gunshow - This is a great thermometer and more accurate than our old digital ear ...

    This is a great thermometer and more accurate than our old digital ear one. Easy to use not much more to say. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • sallly - love it

    Loved these songs on my old cassette tapes a million years ago. Nice to hear it all again. The voices together are pure synergy.

  • Jerry - Far better than my previous SSD, Eons better than platters

    I finally was willing to spend the extra few dollars to get a Samsung SSD when I read through some reviews on the Kingston V300 and found out that mine may have been defective. I immediately ran a few benchmark tests on it (which admittedly, I should have done sooner), and I found that the write speeds were only about half (220-230 mbps) the advertised benchmarks. I realize that typically the benchmarks posted are not 100% realistic, but to only be getting half of the advertised speed was frustrating to me.

  • Amazon Customer - A good story with a good lesson

    I bought this book as a reference for a Six Sigma course I'm teaching. The story is interesting. It's not John Grisham writing, but it's still a good read. It's purpose is to teach the lesson of looking for bottlenecks and sub-processes that can slow down the effectiveness of the overall system. It does that well.

  • elans - Great lights!

    I've had these lights out in my yard for two nights now, and so far they seem to be working fine. They are a sleek and attractive and give off a fair amount of light. I noticed last night about four hours after dark the light seemed to be weakening. But four hours after dark I'm usually in bed, so that's not a huge deal to me. Right now they are in full sunlight during the day. I'd like to place them on the east side of my house by the sidewalk, which only gets morning sun, so I'm not sure yet how well they will light up at night in that location. The instructions advise at least 6 hrs of sun per day. All in all I really like these lights so far! Definitely would purchase them a second time.

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