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  • Angel Villalobos - that's pretty much it

    I mean what can I say, I just bought this xbox one for the Forza series, that's pretty much it, I got it for a steal of a deal, a used 1TB with a fully functional great conditon controller and all the cord, everything was in mint condition, for around $220 you can't go wrong. In my opinion, video games suck a lot now thesedays, the newer games at least, but I mean I can watch twitch streams & use a stable internet browser & do more on the Xbox one so It's a little mini backup if my computer is ever "resting" or in use.

  • B. Hughes - Works well while it lasts. Poor build quality, lots of plastic parts.

    This item gets 2 stars because of its low price relative to high-end blenders. It has done a fairly good job blending smoothies (spinach, frozen strawberries, etc), margaritas, and butternut squash soup. The motor and blade seem good. HOWEVER, the build quality is dismal. In particular, the lid--which has many plastic parts--began falling apart within about a month or so after using it about 3 times per week. Now it has fallen apart to the point of being entirely unusable, and of course the unit is a month out of warranty. Customer service was prompt but could not even waive the shipping fee for the replacement part, so their policies are overall very consumer unfriendly. I am now debating (as I am sure many of you are) whether to step up to a Vitamix or similar. There is a lot to be said for an appliance's durability, and this one simply does not pass muster.

  • Lisa S - I really enjoyed the interaction between the H and h

    I was fully invested in this book for the first half. I really enjoyed the interaction between the H and h. I started to have trouble, though, with the mystery/suspense. It seemed a little thin to me. There was too much evidence left behind with no mention of how it would have been covered. (DNA?) (Not looking all bloody after you've chopped someone's arm off, leaving tracks?) Had it been a full length novel, perhaps the storyline could have been filled out a little more. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.


    This book is FANTASTIC!!!!! Carry it in the car with you. It helps so much when you are on the go. The choices of foods from different restaurants makes it so easy to stay on the right track. I brought this copy for my brother. He loves it too. We are both diabetics, so we are are happy that we don't have to be frustrated when we are out with others.

  • Alyssa Sorrells - Nose book

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  • Hound Dog 56 - Not bad, but not great either

    A boring account of an exciting campaign. The writing is journalistic in nature with a minimal amount of insight or analysis.

  • Adrianna - works very well. :)

    I just bought this product today from ulta and had my sister do it. i was very scared to try it because i have had my hair done in a salon before and nothing really changed. and so we used it, it took about an hour and my hair is soooo much better its extemely straighter although i still do have the frizz but whatever. atleast the horrible curls are gone and i dont have to worry about it taking an hour to straighten it everyday all im gunna need to do is a nice deep condition and go over it a few times with a straightener and im ready to go! I am extremely happy that i found a product that will actually help me with me unruly hair!! :) i would def recommend this to people. as long as you do it right i dont see how it wouldnt work for someone.

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