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Bannerline Enterprises Ltd. - Publishing, Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Photography - BANNERLINE Enterprises Ltd. provides media relations, publishing, corporate communications, internet services, photography and more for the Vancouver, BC area as well as internationally.

  • http://www.bannerline.net/photography.htm Photography / Art - Professional photography, original works of art & caricatures are part of the complete set of publication services provided by Bannerline Enterprises. Kerry Waghorn, John Batchelor, Lloyd Sutton and Patricia Bannerman create stunning visual elements for our clients' web sites, publications, presentations and offices.

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  • Cajun Gourmet - This is the old dependable standard of cleaner of walls, painted surfaces, or almost anything...

    We no longer could find this product in our local area. We searched and found it here on Amazon.com and are glad. We have used this product for many years to clean greasy palm and fingerprints from light switches and covers, walls, doors, doorknobs, counters, and just about any surface. If you have children or grandchildren you need this cleaner.

  • Charlie - but I just thought you would like to know if you are considering buying it

    The Federal Trade Commission filed suit against the company that makes this product, claiming they falsely claimed benefits and presented a false medical authority to endorse it. The company settled for 1.5 million dollars. This information comes from an email directly from the FTC (on October 5, 2016) with the subject heading, "Marketers of Joint Pain Supplement Agree to Settle FTC Charges of Deceptive Advertising, Endorsements." I have not tried the product, but I just thought you would like to know if you are considering buying it. I gave it a three stars because I am so amused and impressed at the audacity to produce something and lie about it so severely that the FTC actually got involved.

  • Mandi Frederick - Excellent Illustrations and Classic Morals

    Let me begin by saying that this book provides you with excellent fully colorized illustrations for each and every fable. The color jumps from the page and is quite striking. The stories are concise, easy for children to understand, and remain a favorite of mine even as an adult.

  • jessica rose kelly - Luminess Airbrush

    I'm sure there are airbrush systems out there that are better. For me, I had never used airbrush before and using airbrush is such a difference than any other makeup I had used. Especially because I had no knowledge how to use makeup professionally and thought I was doing a good job for myself. It took a lot of experimenting with the airbrush system and was not as easy as they want you to think. But, I eventually figured out how to use the airbrush to make my skin actually look good. The other thing that they didn't tell me that I had to figure out is that they set up a plan for you to pay for makeup monthly. You have to call and figure out what you want and change what they want to try and charge you for. I guess this is how most companies would make their money, but it bothered me that it wasn't disclosed to me and I had surprised bills then had to figure things out. Once things were straightened out I was able to plan ; it made things a lot easier. Overall, I do love using airbrush foundation. I probably would do more research though the next time I purchase a system that cost that much money.

  • Drea - beautiful hair, but it tends to dry out very ...

    I bought this product after seeing it on youtube. My daughter has very long, thick, beautiful hair, but it tends to dry out very easily. I have always been old-school and used pink lotion on my hair, but it did not work for hers. This product really seals the moisture in her hair. I applied the product after washing, air drying, and detangling her hair and then sectioned her hair into individual twists. She has had the twists in her hair for almost a week and a half and her hair is still shiny. Plus it smells amazing, my daughter says it smells like cupcakes!

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