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Bazian - Better health at lower cost - Homepage of Bazian. Specialists in Evidence Based Medicine and the incorporation of value and quality in healthcare provision. We can offer better health and lower cost, and evidence-based support for healthcare commissioning. We do this by supporting commissioning and practising evidology. We also produce Behind the Headlines for NHS Choices and run the Evidence-Based journals for the BMJ. Provides a news feed and a link to our testimonials page.

  • http://www.bazian.com/about_us/index.html About us | Bazian - About us here at Bazian. Our team, the clients we work for, some of our publications, testimonials, news and the differences and similarity between Evidence Based Medicine and Evidology.
  • http://www.bazian.com/services/index.html Services | Bazian - Bazian services page. We use systematic review processes with a view to improving decision making about treatments or the way that health services are configured. We offer commissioning briefs, care pathways, healthcare journalism, health technology assessments, service designation guides and systematic reviews. We also offer bespoke services. On this page you will also find links to Bazian's bibliography.
  • http://www.bazian.com/benefits/index.html Benefits | Bazian - Benefits of using Bazian's services. This page describes how we tailor our approach to every clients’ needs, helping them address specific challenges as rapidly and effectively as possible. We can help clients engage clinicians, improve quality, manage costs, become evidence-based and develop world class commissioning.
  • http://www.bazian.com/case_studies/index.html Bazian case studies - Description of Bazian's work in providing: systematic reviews, healthcare journalism, care pathways, commissioning briefs, health technology assessments and evidence assurance
  • http://www.bazian.com/resources/index.html Resources | Bazian - Bazian: evidence-based consulting and analytics to support the rational assessment, configuration and commissioning of healthcare services. Dr Vivek Muthu CEO.
  • http://www.bazian.com/contact_us/index.html Contact | Bazian - Contact details for Bazian. Contact us, we'd like to hear from you. This page gives contact email address, telephone and fax numbers, and our postal address, plus map.

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  • Ron Ramseur - Think Twice Before You Download - Chances are it won't run on Windows 8

    If you have windows 8, I would not purchase this product. Chances are it won't work properly. I installed it on 2 different windows 8.1 machines and ensured Net Framework was installed, still no go. Also I searched high and low online and NOLO website but didn't find much help in how to get it to work. Luckily Amazon refunded me my money. Thank goodness I didn't have any prior returns..

  • Alison - Make Love, Not War

    I started to read this book, then quickly discovered that I could tear up the pages to make beautiful origami paper animals. Then I got out my crayons and coloured them all the colours of the rainbow. Oh look, a squirrel......

  • Scarlett West-Spicer - Lots of good information

    I purchased this book for my mother who suffers with fibromyalgia. She has used some of the recommended remedies and is very please with the results. I have also tried some of the suggestions and found them to be very helpful.

  • Kris - I did not taste anything as far as seasoning. It just tasted like meat. Easier to chew than regular jerky

    I tried this jerky and It was ok. I did not taste anything as far as seasoning. It just tasted like meat. I did like the texture was much softer than normal beef jerky, much less easier to eat, but then after I opened the bag I received on 9/23 I noticed it had a sticker on it dated 9/20/16. This looked like an expiration sticker to me and I contacted the company and they said they will send me a new bag. They also said the sticker on the bag is for the date they bagged it. They probably should make that clear on the sticker. customer service seemed helpful so I am currently waiting for the replacement bag to try to see if this will taste and better.

  • MANU Sharma - Cheap plastic parts used. Started coming apart. Do not buy.

    The build quality is horrible. Cheap plastics are used. Parts started coming apart after 10 minutes of initial used. Returned after using it for 1 day. I will not recommend anyone to buy.

  • John Jacob McRee - A very good book, but lengthy.

    The book made a very good case for some momentous things happening soon. Exactly what will happen is left up in the air. I do believe that the book helps wake people up to the fact that we are living at a time which has been prophesied in the Bible which will affect everyone in the world.

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