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Beautyworld Middle East 2016 – German Exhibitors – Made in Germany - Welcome to the German Pavilion at Beautyworld Middle East! - 15 – 17 May 2016 – Dubai, U.A.E. - International Trade Fair for Beauty Products, Hair, Fragrances and Wellbeing in the Middle East

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • AWSP253 - Fun game with decent graphics

    Saw a friend playing this on a iPad. Super fun and I was overjoyed to see it on the kindle. Operates like a facebook game with energy.

  • K. Braet - Works great in our 10 year old hot tub

    I have a 10 year old hot tub, that had a slow leak. I used this product and it stopped the leak. I run this through the tub a few times a year to keep the slow leaks under control. We spent hundreds of dollars to have the repair shop take the tub and try to fix the leaks, without success. This product is way better than the shop. Just make sure you remove the filters, and once you put them back, you need to rinse the excess gunk off by the next day.


    from what i understand you're not supposed to be exposed to the sun when you use Retinol and yet this product contains an SPF which told me its ok to wear in the sun-i didn't know this when i bought it so i put it on with the SPF 30 and took a walk for half an hour and then noticed when i got back i had a big red blotch on my face as though my face was burned-which it was-i then learned you should NOT USE RETINOL in the sun-why, oh why, do they put an SPF in a product when they should know you shouldn't be wearing this in the sun. I immediately stopped using it!

  • Toni C James - Looks like a refinish..

    Two applications with a micro covered flip mop. Could not have been easier or quicker to apply. Was contemplating a professional stripping and reapplication of poly coat. All finish was intact but just not a high rich sheen. Quick finish did the job with little cost.

  • SierraLover - Incredible PC monitor if you have HDMI 2.0 and don't mind complex setup

    I got this two days ago from Best Buy, and have finally finished tweaking it and troubleshooting issues to end up with the most incredible monitor I have ever seen, let alone bought for a mere $550. I have looked into $750 curved ultra-wides and the $900 Phillips 43" monitor, but I can't imagine anything better than what I'm looking at now. But man, it was a pain to get here. Learn from my pain:

  • Penny - eye cream

    It works pretty well I think. Of course, nothing is going to take away all those crinkles, but this makes the situation better at least.

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