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The Best Western Lakeway Inn, Bellingham Washington - The Lakeway Inn and Conference Center is your premier full service hotel in Bellingham, Washington. The Lakeway specializes as an ideal location for group meetings, corporate travel, weddings, and family vacations, and offers great dining options at Poppes360 and Chinuk

Country:, North America, US

City: -90.5334 Missouri, United States

  • GadgetGirl - Love the versatility and the workout

    I was NEVER a workout kind of person at all. In fact, I didn't believe in it due to all the sweating and soreness and what not. Who wants that? But as I've gotten older I knew I needed to do something and I picked Your Shape Fitness. I didn't believe I could get a respectable workout using a game console but I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with the YSF "games". I've been using them consistently for a year now (minus a break due to surgery) and they have exceeded my exercise expectations. I lost weight, my arms are nicely toned, even my legs have more definition. They're not ripped per se, but definitely not jello-ish. I feel my fitness level has greatly improved and I'm kind of an exercise junky now. My friends are shocked by the change.

  • Matt Wilbanks - This book has been misinterpreted - it's for the fish.

    Here's the deal. Everyone purchasing this book has been reading it from the context of a human in another boat, trying to stay out of the way of a bigger boat. That's wrong. This book was written for Tuna Fish. The Tuna Fish is constantly in the news about being over-fished and Capt. Trimmer is simply trying to give the creatures a game plan of how to avoid the ships doing all the big fishing. Capt. Trimmer understands that fish can't tell the difference between huge ships like oil tankers or huge ships like commercial fishing vessels so he advices the Tuna to simply avoid all huge ships. Capt. Trimmer should be commended for this work, however, his enormous error lies in the fact that fish can't purchase books. They don't have a way to earn money and even if they did they don't have the opposable thumbs to be able to hold a book or even an ebook reader such as an ipad or kindle. And lets not forget the fact that it would take a very huge ship to deliver all the books it would take to educate all the Tuna, thereby adding to the problem of Tuna being drawn toward huge ships.

  • Richard Middleton - What WORX doesn't tell you about its batteries....

    I have used cordless trimmers for at least ten years. When my favorite 24V Yardstick died and I couldn’t get parts, I bought the WORX. I was surprised at its light weight, but impressed by its performance (admittedly on a small lawn which had been carefully edged before, so the trimmer wasn’t having to do any “earth-moving”): no line breaks and very quick. Probably a 4-star rating at that point, with one star deducted for

  • Fred Banks - its bad to ruin a good thing

    it would easily rate 5 stars however the incised white setting markers wear off quickly and make using this very good difficult.

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