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  • Lauren K - Super, Super, Super Soft Cotton Cover; Works in Crib, Car Seat, & Baby Swing

    The cotton outer material on this head support is super, super, super soft! It is a good size - even for a larger baby. It is designed to fit for newborns to 3 months. Since my nephew is small, it may be able to be used a little longer, but once he starts to roll over, we will take the pillow out of the crib anyway. The head rest part of the pillow is 1.4 " thick, so it helps protect the back of the head and possibly prevent or reduce flattening of the back of the head. Since the head rest part is not thick, the head rests there without lifting the neck or shoulders off of the mattress. The inside of the pillow is made of memory foam, so it does a good job of conforming to my nephew's head shape and weight.

  • Peter - Class Action Lawsuit needed against Navien

    I am shocked there hasn't been a class action lawsuit organized against Navien. I have this unit and have had 3 floods in my basement since it was installed. There's always something wrong -- an o-ring leaks, a gasket is flawed. 3 floods! I've had to rip up the carpet in my basement 3 different times. Then there's the carbon monoxide leak in the 2008 units, and the constant problems with the burner not working properly, leaking us with cold water for minutes sometimes. I was told by a plumber that this unit was discontinued because of all of these problems, and the newer version is apparently much better. But in the meantime, those of us who bought the NR-240A are left with dealing with the endless problems with this unit.

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