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Best Self Magazine Atlanta Georgia (GA) - Best Self Magazine in Atlanta, GA was created for the purpose of providing information, tools, and resources to help readers realize their potential and live their best life.

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  • Rich Johnsen - great game! - Top shot elite is excellent to use also.

    whole family enjoys this! Several people have commented on the calibration issue of the Top Shot Elite with big screen tv's. No problem for us, just need to be about 10 ft away from the screen. The directions say something like 4 to 9 ft, but with the big screen area and 1 sensor bar you need to be a good 9-10 ft back. we have our wii sensor bar on top of a 50 inch tv.

  • mike - Good for lower back

    Helps with daily backaches I get at the end of the day, but it's only for the lower back; I have to do other things for my upper back pain. I give it four stars because of the value...I don't think it's worth as much as it cost.

  • Linda Davis - Frequent reader of the series

    I too read this series year after year and think this is one of the best collections yet. More than anything else, all of the stories have a really strong voice. I did not dislike, or not finish, a single story, as I did in previous years.

  • Amazon Customer - Not impressed

    I got this from Amazon for 50.00 with a coupon code. I was impressed by the reviews, and thought it would be a good replacement for another dashcam that I had. As the other reviewers have stated, the manual gives no information as to what the features do. I went to the website, and they have downloadable manuals, but they are the exact same as the crappy one that comes in the box. The camera has a "Car DV Player" program in it's memory for download and installation on your computer. It only runs the video for a couple of seconds, freezes and that is it. Fortunately you can view the videos in a standard player such as Windows Media or VLC. The camera has a GPS function which I enabled, and it shows on the screen that it is receiving a signal, but it is not registering any speed on the display, nor does any GPS information appear in the "Car DV player program". Video quality is better than most cheap dashcams, but overall this one is disappointing.

  • Jacqueline - Bravo Bravo

    I loved this book.... Nicole never disappoints me. I loved how all her characters were either in the book or mentioned at some point. I'm sad it ended but I can't wait to read more. I wish key would've delivered tho😭

  • Designer Digital - It's good

    Great if you have patience of course, remember you are dealing with a computer which means can crash or just take a while depending of your specs, anyways took me a while to figure it out now its working. If you come from a regular tomtom or garmin gps it'll be a little hard to get used to, but keep trying.

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