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  • D. BRADY - Transformer

    It's nice if you have perfect skin already. It doesn't cover flaws very well. Will use this in addition to my bare minerals, but will not order more.

  • Avid reader - A page-turner!

    The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I hate how it ended, and although I wouldn't say it was predictable, I kind of saw it coming. It was definitely a page-turner, but it wouldn't be what I would consider a thriller as I'd presumed, although very suspenseful. Overall, I enjoyed it.

  • Matt Calhoun - Aweseome bike, light, stiff

    I love this bike, it is stiff and fast. I replaced the wheels with a little lighter vuelta wheelset. For the money, I do not think you can get a faster bike.

  • Kelli P. Udas - Apparently, (CRAPPY) electric shavers are a brand new concept to us inferior-minded females. Offensive.

    Wow, it's the tiniest electric shaver ever with a headlight. Genius. This piece of crap has a foil head about one fifth the size of a men's counterpart, and we're supposed to use it for our entire bodies. It would literally take an entire day, 24 hours, if not longer to accomplish anything like that with this joke of a product. I couldn't even "finish" one leg in 45 minutes. I'd finish a complete marathon before I'd finish removing hair from my body with this thing and I'm not even a runner. I find the advertisement on the package quite insulting to my female intelligence. It's OBVIOUSLY nothing more than a super tiny electric shaver, yet that term, "shaver", is nowhere to be found. Instead, you get "introducing the world's first full-body hair remover made just for women to feel clean and sexy all over."... Then, blah blah elegant, blah blah technology, blah blah a bunch of ridiculous words to make it sound like a piece of magic...its a super tiny shaver with a stupid light on it.

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