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  • S. Price - If you are truly serious

    If you have one of the health problems like Autism or Fibromyalgia and are very very serious about getting rid of it then this book is for you. I don't so I found all the in depth doctor stuff the first several chapters to be difficult to get through. I think if you have yeast over growth or other gut/intestinal problems and you need to start your gut over this is a great idea.

  • Lola 48 - Takes a while but works

    I have arthritis in my lower back and some days it is quite painful. I tried Tylenol for Arthritis pain and it works. It takes a while but the pain does go away. I find it necessary to order this product on Amazon because it is very difficult to find in stores.

  • amy case - Great diet help.

    This really suppressed my appetite. I found when i took this as directed, i was less likely to just snack all day. it really helped me stick to my diet. I was able to eat healthy reasonable meals when I did eat. I was full faster, not because i ate faster, but because less food took up more space. this supplement really will help me stick to my diet goals. I am glad to know it wont take as much as i thought it would. This is also a easy to swallow, no bad taste. and does not have a bad smell. overall this is a very good supplement to have around.

  • nnj925 - Just ok.... I remember reading the ...

    Just ok....I remember reading the reviews for this and someone had said that she just repeats things over and over and over..and seriously she does....I mean I have a little reading comprehension issues sometimes but this was a bit extreme....just go on google and type "body ecology diet" and you will find all the information FOR FREE....

  • Richard W.Mumma - This is a nice looking working truck

    I have a TRD off Road access cab. It is a 6 speed auto. It is strictly a working truck with a real sporty look. If you’re looking for smooth luxury driving you won’t find it in this vehicle. The seats are not real confronted able. They are the cons. The pro is you have a 3.4L truck with 300HP with 280 lbs of Torque. With this vehicle you should never get stuck. I won’t be afraid to take it anywhere off road. I have a tractor which I haul with this truck and no problems going up steep hills. Has an average of 20mile per Gal. Looks great. I will give it 4 ½ over all.

  • Burt Sinatra - Entire section missing -- ORDER WITH CAUTION

    I'm sure the book itself is useful -- but it needs to be all there first. The in-book practice exam was entirely missing from two straight orders of this book. After the first, I asked for a replacement -- but after receiving a replacement, it, too, was missing the entire test (starting on, I believe, p. 283 -- and in both books that I ordered, the next page was in the 330's). I love Amazon and always purchase virtually everything here -- but for this book, I'd recommend that you go put eyes on it in an actual brick & mortar store and make sure it's all there before purchasing. You've been warned!

  • Eddie F. Waters, Jr. - you can never fully remove this from your pc

    I have used this product for 5 years and its been so-so. After dozens of problems and getting terrible customer service from webroot I let my subscription expire then I removed it from my computer. If I search my computer I can not find any trace of webroot but every single day a pop up comes up and says my software has expired please renew. But I cant figure out what is making it pop up. My whole experience has been annoying- save yourself the frustration!!

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