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  • I love Amazon 2 - My brother love it

    When I saw this tool I knew it would be perfect for my brother. He likes to do things himself but has not mastered the barbershop look very well.

  • Mark - Incomplete edition

    Others have noted that this contains only "Strunk" and no "White" and you can find the Strunk online for free (as PDF). My issue was worse: A major section of the Strunk was missing. I'm not sure if this just happened do my download or if it's true for everyone. If you spot a problem with a Kindle book within 7 days, you are entitled to a refund. Just go to "Manage my Kindle."

  • Dado - Another Cricket game with full of Bugs

    I purchased this game hoping they might have removed bugs from previous game. It is another game with full of bugs.I think people who design they have no idea about cricket game playing.I still rate Brian Lara 2005 the best cricket game even though there are some bugs in it.

  • Fernando - I have a iPhone 7 plus and let me say it has one of the best cases I've had

    Very very attractive case, especially if it's for your black iPhone, I have a iPhone 7 plus and let me say it has one of the best cases I've had, I dropped it multiple times and it has caused no damaged to my phone, the buttons are easy to press, they might seem hard to press but it's really soft and I find no trouble pressing them. The only downside of this case is that if you're have any sharp objects for example, keys, the back side can be scratched, but overall #1 best case since it Doesn't hide the apple logo!

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