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  • Allen - After 5 mins into each film strip the video pauses ...

    After 5 mins into each film strip the video pauses, I export it and turns out its just a still frame of the 5 min mark of video but the audio keeps playing.

  • 2crazykids - only 1 week, but I am impressed!

    I am a busy almost-40-year old mom and I have always had horrible allergies to so many environmental things, including pets...and I also have a Great Dane that I'm not about to give up! The OTC antihistamines, nasal steroids, and asthma meds were not doing enough and I'd still be miserable many hours of the day, especially if I gave in and played with my big sweet pup. I was determined to find something natural as an adjunct to my medications since, in the past, allergy shots would cause severe reactions with wheezing, etc. The medical community had nothing more to offer me, other than to encourage me to give up my beloved 4 legged kid. (I am a medical professional by trade, so I know what's out there and short of continuous steroids I've tried everything). I decided to give D-Hist a try and honestly, it is nothing short of amazing. Within an hour of the first dose, I could tell a difference, but the effect wore off quickly. Over time I have noticed a build up of the effects. It's been a week and I'm still taking 2 caps 3 times a day, but I have been able to greatly decrease how often I need the other medications. I was very skeptical, but I am pleasantly surprised! I can play with my dog without wheezing and sneezing, and in the past if he'd mouth my arm or lick me, I'd have itchy welts within minutes...so far, no welts, unless I'm due for a dose of my D-Hist. I then take it and they resolve. I don't usually write reviews, but I know they made a difference in my buying this, so I wanted to contribute. I take 2 as soon as I get up in the morning and I'm ready to go! (I try to eat within 30 min or I do get a bit of nausea, but otherwise, no problem!) Also, the ingredients are so good for so many other issues, I'll be interested to see what else improves! We'll see how it goes longer term, but so far so good!

  • Zelia - Previous seasons were better.

    This season so far has been disappointing. Nothing paranormal about the first episode at all. Episode two I thought was interesting, but was skeptical because the activity mostly happened to one specific girl. And going to have to call BS on the Mothman episode. I'm sorry, but those two don't strike me as the outdoorsy hiking type lol

  • Markus Meyer - High share of alcohol causes brittle

    Is inflammable according to warnings on the bottle. This indicates that the content of alcohol is extremely high. Alcohol is a main cause for brittle. Shouldn't it prevent brittle? Nothing for me!

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