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  • lisa jung - Trick or Treat

    A Halloween treat from a great set of authors. All three short and hot stories with strong alpha males and the women that's theres

  • jimintomah - good fit

    I installed this on a Draw-Tite receiver with no problems. It comes with enough foam spacers to adjust the depth so the holes line up to the retaining pins. The rubber cover seems to fit well. I put my spare key in a zip lock bag because I don't see how you could possible keep moisture out of the vault box. It is well made but I think the price is a little on the steep side.

  • Greg D. - Don't believe the hype!

    I purchased this at a brick and mortar for the same price here. Let's face it...$40 is A LOT to spend on a mug.

  • Michael Lihrman - Best IPS monitor for a low budget

    I'd say this is the best purchase you can make if you're on a low budget for an IPS monitor (meaning it's better for your eyes and not meant for gaming). It's bright and clear with no dead pixels. As someone has posted before a couple corners on the screen seem to glow a little when you have dark images on the monitor but are not noticeable if you have brighter images on the screen (not something that really bothers me whatsoever). I think this is happening because the screens aren't perfectly straight when you look over the top of the screen from the side (almost as if you're looking down a rod to see if it's straight). They are slightly warped but not enough to notice unless you're really looking for it... I think it's causing pinching in the corners and affecting the lighting. These are things you should expect if you're spending only $130 for some large IPS monitors so I have no complaints about these issues and overall the picture is great for the price.

  • Maisie - Loving that bleeping Flowers

    I wasn't crazy about him in the first two novels, but I enjoyed Sandford's other novels so much that I kept reading them and am so glad I did. Loved this one, it was fast paced and had the quirky characters you know you will get; plus the nuttiness of Virgil and his BCA cohorts. The downside was I read in two nights!

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