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  • Nicole Gill - I'D READ IF I WERE U!!

    I recommend this book to people who enjoy books about family and friends. And slumber parties! This book could be for any age, but I was 10 when I read it, and it' one of my favorite books know. Read it during a fight with your friends, and it will solve the problems!!

  • Edward Parrott - Sound the Sirens!

    As millions of fans now know what Philly already knew, Halestorm is a band that puts out awesome records but HAS TO BE SEEN LIVE! It is a bare bones plug and play effort. Arejay Hale is a madman behind the kit. Very talented and fun to watch. Lzzy is the penultimate front woman who happens to sling a mean guitar at the same time. How can you not Love a chic like that? She has the Rock n Roll attitude, the looks but is still genuine and real. Josh Smith drops the backbeat with a style all his own and Joe Hottinger lays the licks thick and bold with just enough grace to make every one stay captive in the Storm. Most impirtant is the fact that the band totally has fun up there and it's contagious. It's no frills, straight up Rock n Roll. Most of the fantastic debut disc "Halestorm" is on display "Live in Philly" \m/

  • Amazon Customer - ... used other companies but IC3D is by far the best quality. The material and print quality makes my ...

    I've used other companies but IC3D is by far the best quality. The material and print quality makes my projects turn out great.

  • Fred Y - Review of the Tigers

    Ok, a bit of a jumpy start; needs a prequel! Stiger's history appears, tantalizes and disappears. The apparently odd relationship with Eli (elf) is unexplained and floats about the central plot-line and of course there's the references to the mysterious and perhaps not so vanished dwarves. While I felt there could have been more plot and major character development, I also enjoyed the story. The three major characters were gradually filled out with several others, who hopefully will develop more depth. The story is an interesting amalgam of Roman legion marching into a southern forest with the same trepidation and challenges of the German and Dacian forests and mountains, magic and not so distant gods, and potential battles of legion versus the so far reclusive "rebels" of whom we know little. I do hope the author will continue the story and build out the narratives the initial story suggests. It is a good read, enjoyable and leaves a positive curiosity of what happens next in what one would hope would be a maturing series.

  • Sunbear - Not A Panacea But Worth It

    Thanks to recommendations in other customer reviews that this was not an instant cure but needed behavior modification to get the best results, my expectations were reasonable and met. This is a tool in a process. July 4th, the worst holiday for dog owners, was much better this year for us with the Thundershirt. One thing is the size runs small. I have a 20 pound terrier and the small did not fit him. I had to size up to a medium.

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