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Welcome to Bay Centre Medical - Bay Centre Medical provides two clinics in the Byron Bay Area. We are a long established medical practice of highly experienced GP family doctors.

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City: 153.0215 Queensland, Australia

  • James Reed Clark - Sorry for my past review

    I am sorry for the previous complaint on this Bike. I located the seat post and the seat. They were included after all. My bad.

  • Mark W. Miller - A variety of topics covering all aspects of the game ...

    A variety of topics covering all aspects of the game and sport, presented in a readable format, makes for an enjoyable read.

  • R. Stauffer - Fantastic Book

    As a 20 year old Harry Potter fanatic (and I say that proudly), I have to say this is an excellent book. Many people have commented on the lack of pictures and to that I say, from a fan's point of view, I was not at all disappointed by this. Fans of Harry Potter don't want authentic looking books with plain pictures in them, we want moving photos to look at. Due to the fact that Ms. Bucholz is not a witch, we can all understand why this was not feasible. Also, I do respect that some of the Brits who have written reviews were a bit irritated to find that many of the recipes that were supposed to be magical for them were rather ordinary (such as the steak and kidney pie). However, for many of us Americans, these are not regular dishes and while we may not wake up in the morning thinking "I want some authentic British steak and kidney pie", we might wake up and decide, "I want to scarf down some Steak and Kidney pie like Ron Weasley". I loved the way the recipes were anchored in when they were mentioned in the books. I also loved some of the creative liberties the author took in deciding certain recipes for foods not explicitly explained in the book, such as the four scrumptious cakes Harry received for his birthday. This book was a fun read, looks great on your cookbook shelf OR your Harry Potter fan shelf (I know I have one), and I'd recommend it to everyone who has a little magic in them.

  • BobV - Many glitches -- little or no customer support -- too expensive for what it delivers.

    I've had Nero for many years and used it to author discs, and until recently, used and liked their Blu-ray player. However, I can no longer recommend it as it just doesn't work in a number of their included programs. The last straw was their Blu-ray player which stops playing with an error after 4-15 minutes. And this is after I upgraded to Nero 2015 Platinum. The upgrade was a total waste of money. FYI, I am a competent computer tech who both programs and builds my computers. Both PowerDVD and Macgo play Blu-ray discs on the same machines without error. Look for other alternatives for your work.

  • SunnyBeachLife - NOT FOR DRY SKIN!!

    As I've stated on other websites, this product is NOT for dry skin!! I plunked down $250 to try it all and try it all I did. I gave it months of trials trying to get my skin to look wonderful like the infomercials..I would even have settled for my skin looking a tad better than it did. No dice. It caked, it stuck to my dry patches, it streaked, it did nothing for the dark circles under my eyes, it made my face look floury like a clown and I hated all of it and it all sits wasted in my closet. There is NO miracle makeup, different makeup works differently for different types of skin and I can't see how this dry powdery substance with no moisturizing qualities would even remotely look good on dry skin.

  • MohawkGirl - Great product!

    I have two dogs and both gave terrible allergies. I was using a different product from my vet and could not afford to buy it every other week. This product works great and is half the coast!

  • John Stanton - Not as Pictured! Unsealed Bottles

    The product arrives in generic shipping envelope without the manufacturer's box or instructions, in UNSEALED bottles that look nothing like the ones pictured on this page. You simply screw off the cap, and there is your product, without any seal. There is no way to verify the authenticity of this product.

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