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The Cat Doctor & Friends | Veterinarian - We are a veterinary medical facility, providing services to pets in Santa Clarita, CA and surrounding areas.

  • http://www.catdoctor.com/services.html The Cat Doctor & Friends | Veterinary Services - We are ready to provide your pet with veterinary medical care, including Boarding, Radiology, Ultrasound, Kitten Care, Dental Care, Vaccinations, and Wellness Exams.
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  • Consumer Joe - This Will Kill Your Phone Battery - There are Safer Alternatives

    This charger NEVER STOPS CHARGING and therefore risks the lifespan of your non-replaceable phone battery or worse, could exacerbate an already dangerous situation with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries. The phone gets very hot during the fast charge cycle but then it never cools off, even hours after reaching 100%. I used this primarily on my nightstand and no matter what time of night I pick up my phone it's very warm to the touch. Check the reviews and you will see several comment on this warm to the touch phenomenon.

  • Erin Stokes - Will definitely order again!

    I'm new to dieting. After sitting at a desk for 2 yrs I gained way too much weight. I've never been skinny but I've always been content with my size. But now, I'm overweight. My muffin top is no longer cute and my thighs are rubbing when I walk! Time out!! Lol. So I'm new. I have tried samples of shakeology and it's way too expensive. I've cut out soda and sweet snacks as well as midnight snacking. I'm exercising almost every day and I walk almost every day. I really needed a meal replacement shake and didn't want a bunch of chemicals. Nor do I want stomach discomfort or something to keep me on the toilet. I decided on the Lean because the reviews were good and so was the price. I was also happy with the ingredients. I have to say, I love it! When I'm almost out I'm going to order a chocolate flavor. I love the vanilla but I want to mix them. I use original almond milk and frozen berries for my breakfast shake. Yum! And lunch I will use water for less calories and I'll usually add my berries. Or an orange. I know some people use yogurt. Haven't tried it. But it dissolves well, gives me a lot of energy and fills me up. I'm very happy with this product! My hubby even drinks it sometimes for energy and nutrition. I highly recommend this! I've only been dieting a couple weeks but I will update my review. And I don't call it a diet anymore. I call it a healthy lifestyle change.

  • Megan - you will begin to notice a nice sensation, call it peace

    Helpful but not a miracle book. It lays out the point of simple meditation in very clear terms that did make something click for me. In a nutshell, watch your thoughts roll for a few minutes as if you're watching television. Then, notice the space between your thoughts. Thoughts are not running through your mind in a constant stream. If you look closely, after a while, there are gaps in between the thoughts. Focus on those silent gaps. After focusing on this no-thought for a while, you will begin to notice a nice sensation, call it peace, bliss, quietness, etc. Focus on this good feeling and watch what happens!

  • Gary Zoellner - Be careful who you buy these from in-case you run into a problem, you'll want someone who will stand behind their product!

    The product itself, while much thinner than I expected, is pretty good, but the company that I made the purchase from failed to help me when I had a problem after receiving the item, which is why I gave it only 2 stars.

  • Stephanie - Wonderful starter pack for essential oil newbies!

    I am a newbie to the world of essential oils, and I wasn't entirely sure what scents I would like. That's why I was looking for some kind of variety pack to test out. I came across this Kis Essential Oil Gift Set, and decided to give it a try.

  • ardy speed-johnson - Hanging in THERE

    I had use 3 to 4 different hair vitamins over the past year and half. My edges had started to thin because of me pulling my hair back in braids and ponytails. These are protective styles for African American hair during the hair growing natural process. I saw minimal growth. My hair thicken up and grew tremendously with Biotin but my edges didn't fill in much.

  • Linda Davis - Frequent reader of the series

    I too read this series year after year and think this is one of the best collections yet. More than anything else, all of the stories have a really strong voice. I did not dislike, or not finish, a single story, as I did in previous years.

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