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CBLPath | Anatomic, Molecular, & Digital Pathology - CBLPath is the leader in sub-specialized pathology services offering anatomic, molecular, digital pathology, and local testing services.

  • http://www.cblpath.com/products-and-services/test-menu-cblpath Laboratory Test Menu - CBLPath - CBLPath offers a wide-ranging laboratory test menu that includes state-of-the-art molecular testing along with histology, cytology, mycology, special...
  • http://www.cblpath.com/products-and-services Products & Services | Expert, Reliable Diagnoses | CBLPath - CBLPath's unparalleled medical and technical expertise results in the definitive, reliable diagnoses that one would associate with an academic center.
  • http://www.cblpath.com/products-and-services/sub-specialized-pathology CBLPath - Breast Pathology - CBLPath's Department of Breast Pathology combines the performance of an academic institution with the service of a local facility to help you deliver definitive diagnoses, ensure prompt treatment decisions and provide superior patient care.
  • http://www.cblpath.com/products-and-services/unique-offerings CBLPath - Unique Pathology Programs - CBLPath offers a variety of unique programs that enable physicians to provide superior care for their patients.

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  • David Simmons - Bridgestone Tour B330 RX golf balls

    I'm a fairly high handicapper and these golf balls mitigate the amount of spin I put on the ball, the bad kind of sideways spin you get when you slice. I'm successfully working on changing my ball flight to a slight draw but still recommend these balls for the average golfer. Can still land on the green with a little backspin and hit it pretty far compared to other balls. I prefer the B330's over Titleist Pro-V1's. Excellent deal on Amazon for excellent balls.

  • Richard W. Reid - Blood Pressure monitor IHealth

    Received the IHealth Monitor and use with my IPhone. The unit works great however I don't know how accurate the readings are compared to what the results from my doctor are. The graphs are neat and it keeps track of the date and time of your readings. I think it's a must have for anyone who has to monitor there blood pressure.

  • Amazon Customer - Aggravating, confusing, unhelpful, and sometimes just completely wrong

    Subtract the huge margins, redundancies, errata, overly complicated explanations, oversimplifications, and all of the (inevitable) optimism and inflated language that manages to be both folksy and patronizing, and there are perhaps 20 or 30 pages of useful, correct, relevant information. The bulk of the book consists of half-page-per-question analyses, almost all of which do a remarkable job of taking up space and explaining absolutely nothing. Whenever a tricky or ambiguous question comes up, it gets glossed over. A typical "tool in the arsenal" for "conquering" verbal questions reads like this: "Choice E, 'belies,' means "to contradict," so it's the correct answer." A variation on the theme will go something like this: "An engineer would not have studied a (A) 'porous' (full of holes) or (C) "implausible" etching process, so the answer for the first blank can only be (B) 'innovative'"...and then a full stop, although nothing has been said at all, except that the author clearly does not know what "etching" is, or that it could very well have to do with being "full of holes." These are just the first two questions; it goes on like that. The math section is in the same style, only correspondingly more mystifying.

  • Wendy - Customer service unhelpful and software is not easy to use

    I have spent more time on hold (high call volume every time, why not hire more people?) than I have spent using the software. We had been using it for a general ledger and for payroll, but the payroll update prices are exorbitant. It is supposed to be geared toward small businesses, but I'm not making money if I'm on hold to customer service and the software is difficult to put to use. I would not buy this product again.

  • Jennifer - Service

    I received my order and one piece was missing however after contacting the distributor directly, they forwarded the missing piece in a separate order. I was happy with the outcome and the service.

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