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  • RPainter - The best joinery solution

    I have always have had issues with common joinery. I started with dowels, moved to spline joints, to biscuits, then mortise & tendon and finally dove-tail. All were tedious and most of them not as strong as I expected. With Kreg's pocket screw system, I am finished looking for the perfect joinery method. It is soooooo easy and the strongest solution to any joint application. My first project, I made a simple small table. 2 hours prepping the wood, 15 minutes drilling the holes and assembling the table. I was happily shocked. It looked great and so strong I stood on the table, which if I tried that with any of the other joints, I would ended up on my butt in a pile of splintered wood. I can't say enough good things about this product. I MUST for any woodworker or project that requires joining 2 pieces of wood together. Don't forget to purchase a lot of Kreg pocket screws because you will want build a lot of projects right out of the gate! 6 Stars!!!

  • JJ34 - Drop the Weight with the Drops!!

    I spent over $1500 on a similar type of low calorie diet, lost 30 lbs and I've kept it off. I wanted to lose 10 more lbs but didn't want to spend more money. I found this product, read a lot of the reviews and saw people make the comparison to the same Nutrimost diet. This is amazing, I wish I would have found this before I spent all that money. Granted, you do need to stick to a low calorie diet if you want to lose the weight quickly, but the drops work amazingly well by reducing your cravings and appetite. I have also been using the drops to maintain my weight, even though my caloric intake has increased. The best regimen is 10-12 drops under your tongue (hold it there for 2 minutes, no eating or drinking 15-20 minutes before or after). Do this in the morning as soon as you get up, mid-day and before you go to bed. It worked the best when I ate only fruits, veggies & lean meats. Yes, if that's all you eat you'll lose weight without the drops, HOWEVER, you'd be hungry all the time. The drops definitely help!!

  • Geoff P - I'm learning!

    When RockBand and those other games came out I thought there had to be something better... Then I saw the previous version of this Rocksmith come out, that's when I started thinking about it. Well things fell in to place when Amazon had Rocksmith 2014 as a deal, and Woot had a guitar. I also picked up a bass guitar on Amazon to learn as well.

  • Dylan - Works pretty good on my 2016 Ram 2500

    Works pretty good on my 2016 Ram 2500. I took the factory pipe plug out and think this looks good in its place.

  • Paul Kuit - Does not work outside US

    Does not work for my Samsung Smart in Brasil. Won't be returning to US so can't return. Can I send it as a present to anyone?

  • L. Ng - Beware of fake reviews! Not recommended!

    EDIT: When I posted this negative review, I immediately received 3 "unhelpful votes". I believe it is from the sellers in an attempt to bury my negative review. If you indeed found my review helpful, please mark it "helpful" so that this review doesn't get lost.

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