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  • G_S_ - Fantastic for improving cognition and focus while dieting

    As someone on a large deficit diet, but working in a intellectually-demanding job, I needed a way to remove the cloudy-head syndrome that accompanies the caloric-deficit I'm on. This product is simply amazing. Just a few days of taking two pills a day, and I feel much sharper and focused.

  • cassidy anne - I know it usually makes it worse but when you have acne you usually want to ...

    I am 22 years old with combination/acne prone skin. Ive had acne since I was in fifth grade and all throughout my high school years I had SEVERE acne. I went on prescription stuff to get rid of it but I still get breakouts now and again and Ive had scarring and dark marks for years. I started using liquid foundations and powders to try to cover up my skin. I know it usually makes it worse but when you have acne you usually want to do everything you can to hide it. I finally bought this stuff about a month ago and ive been using it morning and night every day. I have ALSO stopped wearing skin makeup on my face. The constant redness is gone, about half the spots are faded/gone as well. This product is fantastic...smells great, its SUPER light and not sticky at all...and the quality of my skin has improved by soooo much. My boyfriend is constantly telling me my skin looks healthier...he didn't even know I was using this stuff til 2 days ago. I will be updating and posting before and after pictures when I'm done with the bottle. I am about halfway through now.

  • Kevin Mannheim - Description was very misleading.

    There is no way this should have been advertised as a 2016-17 draft board. It was missing all rookies and 2nd year players. Also, players that have been in the league for years, James Starks Chris Johnson and Zach Miller for example. Really killed the vibe of the draft with people having to write in 3-4 picks per round. Would not recommend this board.

  • christie - for sure worth a try if its a slow leak or a small hole

    my intex pool was leeaking slow but constant and i could not find the hole in it anywhere after spending probably what added up to hours looking for it i wasnt sure if this stuff would work but it did work very well and its super easy

  • john phillips - Pleaure and pain

    Being a regular bloke who watches Football and does not like watching the WWWF l had never even considered getting rid of the hair down below, this was before l discovered l had somehow got infected with 100's of tiny new friends down there.

  • Jonathan C Arbogast - Portable, small and great little computer!

    Bought this console to use as a computer with our TV and for my wife to play WOW on while in the living room without needing to have a huge laptop or desktop. Being that you can load Windows on this unit, I was pretty sure there would be no issues with getting WOW to play. When I received the console, I was impressed with its size, very compact, fits right underneath the TV, takes up very little space. With a wireless keyboard and mouse, this is a great little computer. I did try loading up WOW using the Steam OS, but was not impressed with the OS. Instead, I loaded up the newest version of Linux (I do NOT use windows) and loaded up WOW. Took a few tweaks to get WOW working properly (mostly tweaking crossover and ensuring the right packages were downloaded) and now it is set up for playing WOW. Graphics are pretty good, fps is 60, and haven't really had any issues. My wife uses this to surf the internet, to do some schooling, etc. Everything she would do with a laptop or desktop but much easier to use, much smaller and very portable if she wants to move it to another TV. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting something smaller, easy to move and cheaper. By the way, I did price building a desktop for my wife, and found it would be more expensive with the components that I would have added. And the size would have been much larger and not as convenient or easily movable. In addition, if you are not interested in the Steam games (which we were not), then loading another OS would be recommended.

  • the court - Interesting new origin for Archie

    Great art and and interesting story. Betty's always been my favorite. Glad she gets to be the one for a while.

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