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Centro de investigación del Cáncer - Comprehensive Cancer Center Research :: Inicio - Centro de investigación integral en cáncer según el modelo Comprehensive Cancer Center, adscrito al CSIC (Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) y la Universidad de Salamanca, el CIC de Salamanca desarrolla principalmente programas de investigación y formación en ciencia biomédica básica y aplicada

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -5.6639 Salamanca, Spain

  • Amazon Customer - Brings down inflammation and is gentle on my face

    One of my favorite toners! It sprays evenly and helps keep away the breakouts. We've even used it on cuts and scrapes because the white willow in it helps with pain and inflammation. Highly recommend this for people with combination skin or oily skin. I'll sometimes use it on a cotton round rather than just spritzing it, to wipe away anything I may have missed with my cleanser - particularly if I'm wearing a foundation, or want to touch something up. Highly recommend!

  • L. Nurkowski - Body Solid Workout . . . .

    The delivery was right on time. Assembly took some time and seemed to be not to difficult. The only real problem that I encountered was disengaging and engaging the locking bar support between exercises. Basically, it was very difficult to move the lock bar due to the tension of the spring, used to hold the lock bar into the locked positions, that was provided with the apparatus. I remedied the problem by cutting off sections of the spring shortening it, about thirty percent, until it could be more easily positioned while maintaining adequate tension to hold the lock bar in place. I'm 5'10" and find the shoulder mount comfortable. I also constructed a 2x4 calf raise support since I do prefer the flat surface over the round surface provided with the machine for that exercise. Overall, the GSCL360 is a welcomed addition to my home workout routine.

  • Blizz - One Star

    What are the ingredients...I can't see them online. Sulfur or sulfate makes hair fall off...does your shampoo have that?

  • James McClintock - 2012 Could This Really Happen?

    Fantastic special effects. Great script and the actors, both young and old, were very professional in their presentation. I recommend this movie to anyone that might suspect that due to our governments fooling around, this might happen.

  • c.tyler - it concerns me as whether or not this is an authentic product.

    The lid/top/squirter whatever it is called broke the moment I touched it. I made one simple attempt to squirt the product into my hands so that i could use it for the first time, and the lid broke. I packaged it and sent it right back. it concerns me as whether or not this is an authentic product. A bottle that flimsy or cheap: maybe thats the reason why this product is only $35 vs the competitors same product at $89.

  • J. Punk - It's Not Magic but May be Worth a Try

    I've read the reviews and claims about CLA- As with many supplements that help you control your weight it is not magic. I've read articles that talk to the concept of not changing your diet and still dropping weight- I cannot claim that I have experienced that with this product. I'm sure the product will have different effects on different people but I personally have found this product to create intestinal gas. Natrol offers another product called "Carb Intercept"- I've experienced better results using that product, however, this may be worth a try for you. I will continue to use the product until it's gone, but at this point, I don't see that I would purchase this again.

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