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Dentist in Perth, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Nedlands, Subiaco - Here at Claremont Dental, our experienced dental professionals offer clients a wide range of dental services in contemporary, relaxed surroundings.

  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/about-us-local-claremont-dentist-clinic/ About Us - Your local friendly Claremont dentist clinic - At Claremont Dental, we are your local professional full service Claremont dentist clinic providing a range of dental services for the whole family.
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/emergency-services/ Emergency Dentist in Claremont | Contact Us 0411 066 782 - If you’re experiencing a dental emergency then Claremont Dental can make a same day, or after hours appointment with one of our dentists.
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/childrens-dentistry/ Children Dentistry in Claremont | Contact Us (08) 9383 1200 - It’s important to encourage proactive dental hygiene from an early age. Contact Claremont Dental to book in your child’s first dentist appointment.
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/orthodontics-six-month-smiles/ Invisalign Perth | Invisible Braces in Claremont, Nedlands, Subiaco - Claremont Dental offers an array of trusted orthodontic solutions, including Invisalign, Damon Braces, ClearCorrect and more. Click here for more.
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/cosmetic/ Porcelain Veneers & Cosmetic Dentist in Perth, Claremont, Subiaco - Claremont Dental offers a range of cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve that beautiful, natural looking smile. Contact us today!
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/oral-surgery/ Dental Surgery in Perth, Subiaco, Nedlands - If you require oral surgery in the Perth area, ensure you choose the trusted name in the business and visit Claremont Dental today.
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/dental-implants/ Dental Implants in Perth, Claremont, Nedlands, Subiaco - Dental implants are a long-term solution for those who have individual or multiple missing teeth. Contact Claremont Dental Perth today for more!
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/wisdom-teeth/ Wisdom Tooth Removal in Claremont | Contact Us (08) 9383 1200 - If you need your wisdom teeth removed, schedule an appointment with Claremont Dental today to ensure you receive the right care.
  • http://www.claremontdentalperth.com.au/services/teeth-whitening/ Teeth Whitening in Claremont | Contact Us (08) 9383 1200 - Claremont Dental offers teeth whitening services to help removes stains and brighten your smile. Contact us today for a booking.

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  • Tamra B Jensen - Shampoo

    It smells delicious,I love all things orange but makes my hair feel weighed down which I hate because I have alot of fine hair and am looking for volume...Maybe I will try it as a body wash so it isn't a total waste?

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  • KathrynT - Effective

    I started using this when my son was 6 weeks old and fussy all night. Tried one time to give it to him - put a drop on my finger and he hated it. BUT i started drinking it and it must have gone thru the breast milk b/c i feel like it totally helped him relax and signal him that its nighttime. Now that the baby is almost a year my husband and I drink it before bed and it knocks us out -- getting better quality sleep. We add it to caffeine free teas as a flavor supplement - on its own the flavor is not my favorite.

  • Keith - nice bike

    When the bicycle arrived, way sooner than anticipated, I was amazed at how easy it was to put together. I had it done in about 20 minutes. I ordered the 22" extra tall bike, and that is exactly what I got. I was surprised at the height, and I love it. It shifts smooth, both up, and down, and the front derailleur, works just as smooth as the back does. With both wheels having the disk brakes, the ease of stopping is amazing, and smooth. The seat seems a little hard, but, I haven't rode for a couple of years, so I am sure that I will get accustomed to it. It is a wonderful bike, and, the miles seem to just fall behind riding it. I highly recommend this bike to all who love to feel the wind in their face. Thank you.



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