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  • Roderick V. Crockrom - This smart watch is a great watch for the price

    This smart watch is a great watch for the price. Just download the BT app and connect with the Bluetooth, then you are ready to go. It has about everything the expensive smart watch has. Real nice.

  • a reader - Don't believe the hype

    This book does its readers a tremendous disservice. I expect that statistics courses at Stanford Business School (where the author used to teach), like everywhere else, teach that correlation is not causality. This book, however, is a collection of correlations presented as having causal relationships. But wait - it gets worse. The gross selection bias throughout the book guarantees that the companies identified as "great" appear to be, while the so-called comparision companies give the illusion of a control group. Don't be fooled. This is pseudo-science couched in management-speak. Once you've seen through this silliness, you're left with little more than conventional wisdom about good management (do what you're passionate about, get the right people on board) that, while possibly true, is unsubstantiated by any of the "data" presented in the text.

  • keroppi - Love this TV!

    I'm and independent film maker. When i set out to find a home television i had very specific needs. 1st was price. You can get wonderful image and quality at crazy prices. But im not going to spend $3,000 on a tv that will be obsolete in 4 years. I wanted value, sharp image, good refresh rate, true color, ease of use and something that was bot the size of a minivan in my apt.

  • pollock - You'll need 2 or 3 bottles and 2 coats. Buy 6 bottles of other products for the same price

    I detail all 3 of my cars twice a year, clay bar, wax and do the interior . Wipe new is unforgiving. If not applied properly it will streak, leave marks where it is unattended. One bottle will not be enough to finish the interior of a Honda Civic, let alone do the 2 coats that will be needed. Flat plastic non textured surfaces streak easily. Application instructions say to overlap surfaces with one swipe. That is very hard unless the applicator cloth is saturated thus over applying product. If you work the product into textured surfaces it tends to streak, much like over brushing with paint or varnish. Not even bother try leather, the leather will absorb so much material and a 2nd coat will be needed. I did the running boards of my Honda Pilot and the tailgate lip protector. 1 month and 1 car wash later the areas were spotted and weathered. The black panel below the rear bumper and mudguards retained their finish. As much as the product costs it would be better to buy 4 bottles of armour all or comparable product and apply the product one or twice a year

  • N. Wilson - Sturdy and solid.

    Very sturdy and gets the job done, I use it regularly and all components work excellently. I highly recommend this item.

  • Alan M. Winchester - Fantastic beginning and middle, then sort of abruptly stopped. But worth the read and can't wait for the next book!

    This book was a lot of fun to read and had elements Clark and Sagan (Rama and Contact) and even some elements of the movie Abyss in terms of how people react to new and potentially threatening situation. These are all great stories and Ms. Wells has added another to the genre. The character development starts great, but then kind of falls off towards the end. The heroine also changed her personality and feelings toward her love interest without any real reason. Frankly with only seven main characters it unfortunate when all the development stopped at the end. I assume there will be a squeal and I will certainly read it, but hopefully it won't feel like the book was pinched off at the end.

  • Pen Name - worked for me twice

    No issues with this. Works if you drink plenty of water days before and up to the point of needing the cleanse. Everyone's body is different though.

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