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  • Linz Maurice - Use them on my entire face!

    These are meant for eyebrow razors but I use them on my entire face and they are amazing! I use cream based contour and highlight and having no hair on my face makes everything go on incredibly smooth! I can't say that it's 100% because of the razor but I've also noticed I have significantly better skin since shaving my face (I'm guessing its because it exfoliates as well). I would HIGHLY recommend these to everyone!

  • Ahnaf Sharar - Highly Recommended

    After we are about 18, our choline levels begin to drop. A regular diet does not necessarily provide the amount of choline required for daily function. For the price, this is a great product. I recommend taking one pill every night 2-3 hours before sleeping, preferably with a meal.


    Believe the 1 star reviews! This "Free" service requires a credit card to sign up for. Calling to cancel or "downgrade" to the free service involves hold times of OVER 1 hour. The company then still charges your credit card hoping that you won't take the time to contest a $3.99 fee.

  • CD music collector - Excellent coursework it you do analysis!

    This is an excellent tool for making analysis or other types of diagrams. I bought it an an affordable price and have a Microsoft Step-By-Step book that allows you to download practice files so you can learn. Great tool!

  • Jean - Nice to have item

    This product works just like it says. It's a "nice to have" but I wouldn't say it's a "must have". It would make a nice little add on for a nail care gift basket or for someone that has everything and is hard to shop for. I use it more for when I'm painting my toes. It's just as easy (or easier) to set the bottle on the table when painting my fingers. What I do love about this product is the customer service provided by the company. They sent an email providing extra tips and tricks and seem very available to help if you needed to talk to them. The product itself is a little awkward to wear at first and depending on the bottle, could get "heavy" but, I tried several different shaped bottles to see how they fit and none fell out and all felt secure.

  • Juegen Schaffer - Make our daughter feel better about her appearance

    My daughter has some scarring from her earlier days of acne, teenage acne. She hates it and is embarrassed about it! Acne should be treated ASAP, I immediately began to research something to help her misery. I know there is no miracle overnight cream for this and I'm sure it takes a little time, like all things do! We have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of acne treatments and this worked a miracle on her face.

  • william alverson - Be aware of the orientation of your wine bottles.

    I'm sure this product work greats for bottles resting in the upright position. Unfortunately, in my case, our wine chiller is made for bottles that rest on their side. When used in this position, your bottles will leak. I've made several attempts to try and re-seal the bottles, but the product is just not made for that. So if your bottles are going to be laying on their side, you should explore other options.

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