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Cobb Animal Clinic, 3224 Battleground Avenue Greensboro, NC 27408 - For over 40 years Cobb Animal Clinic has offered quality veterinary care to the animals of Guilford County. We have long been recognized as one of the premier veterinary facilities in the state with a reputation for outstanding client service and patient care.

  • http://www.cobbanimalclinic.com/services.html Cobb Animal Clinic Services - Our practice focus is on preventative care and wellness. To encourage early detection, Cobb Animal Clinic has developed Annual Wellness Programs. These programs are based on the age of your pet. We start with puppies and kittens and continue up to the senior years, guiding and educating our clients to enable them to maximize their pet's health and lifespan.
  • http://www.cobbanimalclinic.com/our_staff.html Cobb Animal Clinic Our Staff - Referrals from our clients have enabled us to grow to employ four full time veterinarians and over 25 support staff. Our entire staff is committed to giving the very best of care to not only our patients but also to their owners. We are always here to help you with advice and information. We hold regular training seminars for our client relations and nursing staff so they are able to answer many of your general information questions.

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  • B Baum - You'll get nice lashes from this product!

    I purchased this item for my wife and she absolutely loves it! Her eyelashes are now darker, longer, and curlier thanks to this product. She says her eyelashes now have a curl without needing to use an eyelash curler and her lashes are also much thicker. The product is easy to apply and it goes on clear. She says she applies it just like liquid eyeliner to her top lashes and she has achieved noticeable results. At the time of this review, she had been using the product for 5 weeks. I was given this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion

  • purplepassion3451 - It Must Be Christmas by Chris Young

    The vocals are superb. If you are a Chris Young fan, you will love this. His voice is pure perfection. Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Boyz II Men sang with Chris on New Kid in Town, The First Noel, and Silent Night. The two new songs are Under the Weather and It Must be Christmas. Chris' voice is flawless. Love love it all.

  • my signature - Works GREAT for Curly Hair in Hard Water

    Works great for dealing with hard water and curly hair. Our well water is not just hard water, it has sulfur in it as well. I have curly ginger hair and it turns almost black with our well water:( My curl specialist recommended this and it almost seems too good to be true- lightens my hair back to its natural color, and actually detangles unlike the aubrey organics (which i have to use after this to add moisture back in). Only negative is it's a bit drying- I add aubrey white camellia conditioner in for the last wash, and use the aubrey for a light leave in conditioner.

  • A. Doyle - Healthy glow.

    I first tried this thru Ipsy and I was instantly in love. The color gives me a healthy glow. Before my cheeks were always pale due to monthly chemo treatments, nothing I used stayed on all day or gave me a healthier look. I have had so many compliments from others on the shade and healthy glow it gives.

  • HAVOC - Down with the ICC

    The International Code Council is a bunch of worthless "Building Officials" (Whatever the hell that is) who have no business writing any kind of code books.

  • CTBarb - Very Easy to use and Ancestry.com is a deal

    This is a very easy software to use. I had used a much older version which I found easy too. But the big plus for this was the Amcestry.com membership. I have expanded my tree to double its size in just a few weeks. Publishing capability is a bit limited. Wanted to do the family view that was available in the older version....can't seem to find it...but I may be missing it. I am very happy with the package. It allows easy merging of information from multiple sources even if the data are slightly out of wack which allows you to keep track of different potential branches and information. I had put my genealogical research on hold a few years ago when I hit a confusing period in the early 1700s when multiple potential branches showed up and I couldn't pick the one that seemed to be my ancestors. This has allowed me to experiment with each and after following the potentials back a generation to decide that I am on the right branch. All in all it has revived my interest in genealogy of my family and I have begun to research my husband's family as well.

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