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Public Payphone Manufacture - At COMEX TELECOM CORP., we customize and build to order of all pay-to-use applications bundled with coin acceptor, validator,bill validator or card reader such as vending machine including card vending machine & drink vending machine, pool table, juke box, pinball machine, coin air hockey table, self-service laundry and kids ride... etc.

Country:, Asia, TW

City: 121 , Taiwan

  • Amazon Customer - Great Lights

    I love these lights. They are extremely well made and appear to be very durable. They work great. I have them both mounted on the back of my house. It not only increased security it saves energy. Now when someone lets out the dogs I don't have to be concerned whether or not they have turned off the light they come back in. The LED lights are really bright, and they are small enough that they are hardly noticeable on the side of the house. I can see how these would be very useful on camping trips and other out of doors activities as described by the seller. I received these lights at a discount to provide a honest and unbiased review.

  • Kristina - If you're willing to work, IT WORKS!

    I'm at the start of my 4th week and let me tell ya, I'm proud of how far I've come! I opted out of buying the Shakeology for an additional 100+$ and have just been watching my calories. The first week was HARD! Your legs will be sore but by the start of the second week, you'll be able to do more of the work out with the group and realize, hey, I'm stronger than last week! Each week you'll be able to do more and it's such a great feeling to see and feel your progress. I'm still working on my Alpha videos and I think I'm going to do the 5 weeks over again until I'm able to keep up with the group. I feel that only then am I really ready to move on to the next phase. Would I purchase this again? HECK YEAH!!! I've went from saddle bags to coin purses...lol I'm still around my original weight but considering I turned that fat into muscle, I've got no complaints! I have lost some inches these past 4 weeks. A total of 4 inches off my breasts...go figure. You win some and you loose some and as long as I'm loosing some it's a win. By the time bathing suit season hits I should be beach ready thanks to Shaun T and my FOCUS! So what are you waiting for? BUY IT, WORK IT, AND LIVE IT, because trust me, you're gonna LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Phantom - Star Brite Sealer Classic Tropical Teak Oil

    I received the Tropical Teak on time. I have used this Teak Oil before and found it better than other Teak Oils. I also ordered some Teak Sealer and it arrived on time. I have also tried mixing 50% Sealer and 50% teak oil and found it to be very good on old teak wood. It is the Sealer is very thick is why I tried mixing then as the wood has had many coats of teak oil applied. This is also why I found Star Brite to be the best.

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