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Employment Background Checks | Pre Employment Screening | CorraGroup.com: - Background Checks and Pre Employment Screening from Corra Group Employee Background Check Screening Services. Offering criminal background checks, corporate research, and competitive intelligence.

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  • Butch Wonders - Wonderful amount of pockets

    This is much nicer than I expected! And it also holds more than I thought it would. Wonderful amount of pockets, professional-looking, strips to cover the velcro in case you want the opening/closing to be quiet (e.g., at a conference). Great on a plane... easily fit my 13" laptop, tons of books, and even all my toiletries. Didn't feel bulky, either. I was on the fence about ordering this, but I'm a total fan of this bag.

  • Beloved14 - Best remedy for bad breath.

    I have tried anything and everything I have heard or read on bad breath trying to find help for chronic bad breath. I have chewed Orbits sweet gum to sweeten my breath. I have spend so much money on mints and gum and burning awful tasting mouth washes. Tried baking soda and peroxide and I brush brush brush and gargle till my mouth is sore but surely bad breath comes back.

  • John E Block - A gem to savor

    Great selection of short stories just like in years past. This is a real gem of a series to savor every year.

  • Possum - Cleared up my facial eczema (and great for blemishes)

    I stumbled on this at Walgreens and decided to give it a try cause I heard tea tree oil is good for eczema. I get eczema breakouts around my eyes (and eyelids) and I had some under my eye for over a month and nothing would clear it up, I tried eczema cream and tons of eye moisturizers and was getting frustrated cause it looked gross and it stung! After one use (I mixed a little with my under-eye cream) my eczema was 90% gone and by day two, completely gone! Finally! I applied it a few more days just to make sure and now it's been over a week and my eczema is still gone. Amazing! Plus it was only a couple dollars!

  • Ashmarie - Not Greasy, Hair Extremely Soft

    This product left my hair incredibly soft and not greasy! The product is thick, so at first I was really worried that it was going to leave my hair a greasy mess. As someone with extremely thin, blonde hair, this is the first hair mask I've ever found that doesn't leave my hair looking like I've been in a vat of oil. The product can packaged very well, I really like the eight individual packets. The product itself has a nice herbal smell to it. Each individual packet, comes with a packet of the hair mask, and a shower cap. My hair is about 21 inches long, but I only had to use about half of one of the product packages to completely coat my hair, I think you could easily get to or three masks out of each product package, if you had your own shower caps to use. So far, I've only used the product once, unlike other mask products, it didn't take hair with it when I washed it out. I have extremely sensitive skin, I was a little worried about this product after I read a different review stating someone said it burnt, I definitely didn't have any burning sensation, or other negative reaction for that matter, and I kept it on for about 10 minutes. The packaging is super cute, not at all like a traditional hair loss product (which as a younger woman is kinda embarrassing to have to use, it just looks like a normal hair car product). The packaging also looks really convenient for travel purposes. After using this product I'm going to try their shampoo, because I really like how this one made my hair feel. Disclaimer- I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Akilah - I'm not sure why this product has gotten such bad reviews but I love this stuff

    I'm not sure why this product has gotten such bad reviews but I love this stuff! I live in a townhouse that has a ceramic tub that needs to be reglazed. I have tried everything under the sun to keep that tub clean with no results. It wasn't until my mother saw the commercial and decided to try it out. She bought me a bottle to try. I took it home and followed the directions. I did let the product sit for about 30 minuted while I attended to other cleaning matters. I come back rinse the tub and next thing you know the tub is bright white!!!

  • Kelly K - Decent stroller, but probably not worth the extra money

    Used this stroller for more than a year for our toddler, and it has been all over, including several airplane rides. Pros were the cup holder, canopy, it's lightweight and attractive. It's mostly held up - shows some wear and tear and there are nicks in the rubber padding on the handle, but I think that's from various plane rides. Cons were that it's hard to steer with one hand, not super easy to fold if your hands are full or you're corralling the little one, and I found the mechanism to recline the seatback completely cumbersome. This is kind of picky, but I also found it tedious to adjust the seat/footrest thing - the front part of the seat folds down to adjust to your little one's legs, but every time you unfold the stroller, you have to adjust that seat again. Not hard, but I found the extra step annoying when I was in a hurry.

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