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CpTaylor Consulting - CpTaylor Consulting provides Pharmacology & Drug Development support, creation or critique of legal expert reports and litigation strategy, medical and technical writing and report summaries, preparation of documents for FDA and other regulatory agencies, and independent research in the published medical and biological literature.

  • http://www.cptaylorconsulting.com/services/ Services — CpTaylor Consulting - CPTaylor Consulting services: Pharmacology and Drug Development, Legal Expert, Medical & Technical writing, FDA and EU regulatory submissions and more...
  • http://www.cptaylorconsulting.com/legal-expert/ Pharmaceutical Legal Expert — CpTaylor Consulting - CPTaylor Consulting provides pharmaceutical legal expert reports for drug litigation, creation and consulting for drug patents and patent litigation, evaluation of drug adverse events (side effects) and more.
  • http://www.cptaylorconsulting.com/medical-and-technical-writing/ Medical and Technical Writing — CpTaylor Consulting - CPTaylor Consulting provides medical and technical writing of expert reports and peer-reviewed publications, summaries of published literature, supervision, interpretation and revision of previous material.

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  • Chaya - After reading all the great reviews, I was really disappointed with what this ...

    I've used Goldwell Color Glow for years, but it doesn't seem to be sold any more, so I started reading reviews to see what the replacement. After reading all the great reviews, I was really disappointed with what this shampoo did to my hair

  • jeri jones - All the negative reviews on this product are true!!! This product should be recalled!

    When I read the reviews on this product ,that it had trouble holding its charge, and some had even experienced it had stopped working after the first use, I thought-- "what's the likelihood of this happening to me?" So I took a chance and purchased it. On first use, it charged as it was supposed to and was ready for use once the green fully charge indicator was illuminated. Like some reviewers said, it was very pleasant to use because of the warm light emitted by the facial head's LED light on the skin. After I used it, I did not charge it again, thinking that since I'd charged it overnight , it would be fine to use again without charging. That was not the case, so I charged it again overnight. Once, the indicator went from orange to green, I thought I in fact had the "green light" to again use the devise. This time when I tried turning it on, the devise wouldn't turn on, and the green light would just sort of surge up when I held the power button, but once I released the button, the green light seemed dim. When I tried to put the device back on the charger, the indicator light vacillated between orange and green but the device never turned on again! I think this phallic-shaped device is just poorly designed -- particularly the charger , which does not seem to approprately cradle the device for a good strong charge. Don't waste your time or money on this one. This product needs to be recalled!!!

  • Angelina Devlin - Looks Good

    I like to use NYX Plump It Up Lip Plumper Angelina on top of NYX peekaboo pink lip liner. It gives me a the look I want to achieve, a natural lip with a little extra pout.

  • abceasyas123 - Do it women, SHAVE YOUR FACE!!!

    I had never even considered the concept of shaving my face.... that's what men do, and I am a woman! The thought just never crossed my mind... Until, a well known celebrity released a video on her YouTube channel about how she shaves her face, and by the end of the video, I was sold. I ordered these and received them 2 days later. I was anxious to try them for the first time, after all, they looked really sharp! I began slowly and carefully running it along my face as instructed, and realized that I could put a fair amount of pressure on it and not cut myself.

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