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Business credit and risk management solutions as you've never experienced them before - Credit2B - Looking for company credit, accounts receivable and risk information that is accurate and quickly accessible? Credit2B's suite of patent pending credit management technology, unique network credit intelligence and consulting capabilities are the first real innovation in business credit management in decades.

  • http://www.credit2b.com/How-It-Works/index.aspx How Credit2B's new and improved credit management system works. - Our enterprise credit management system is cloud based so you can start to benefit from our advanced features in minutes. Use our system to share credit intelligence with peers and build your network of trusted industry sources. Make better decisions with on-demand access to comprehensive business credit reports.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Community/index.aspx Community - Looking for company credit, accounts receivable and risk information that is accurate and quickly accessible? Credit2B''s suite of patent pending credit management technology, unique network credit intelligence and consulting capabilities are the first real innovation in business credit management in decades.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Knowledge-Center/index.aspx Knowledge Center | Power of Community Intelligence - Bringing together awareness, education and other relevant credit content from members and partners.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/About-Us/index.aspx Saas credit solutions by Credit2b, bringing together quality credit bureau data, credit analytics and peer ratings. - Credit2b is offering credit professionals a new way to access better and fresher credit information about their tranding partners. Whether you're conducting business research, checking company credit history or looking for a more efficient credit management workflow tools you'll find them here.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/About-Us/History.aspx Offering a better option for business credit management with Credit2B's transformational credit management system. - As a Smyyth company, Credit2B has deep history in business credit ratings and company credit analysis. Smyyth's seasoned expertise in business to business Order-to-Cash, credit and accounts receivable management and technology enables Credit2B to execute its vision for a transformational credit management solution.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/About-Us/Leadership-Team.aspx Credit2B Leadership Team - The management team driving Credit2B's success carries a wealth of experience within the credit and risk management space.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/About-Us/Analyst-Team.aspx Looking for deep experience and industry insiders among your business credit analyst team? You'll find them at Credit2B. - Credit2B's business credit analysts heavily interact with suppliers, factoring companies, buyers and trade credit groups. Our credit experts are available to you in an on-demand fashion to support your needs around credit risk management, company analysis and about any question on business credit.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Credit/home.aspx Benefit from our new and ground breaking business credit management solution. - Decisions supported by old business credit reports are no longer necessary. We are transforming credit management and improving the effectiveness of credit professionals who utilize our Saas solution for businss research, credit decision support, credit risk management and so much more.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Credit/Network.aspx Looking to expand your network of credit industry contacts? Credit2B's credit management solution is the answer. - Credit management professionals depend on their community of contacts to make decisions. Credit2B automates and expands your network so you can obtain current business credit information when you need it, without calling around.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Credit/Portfolio-Monitoring.aspx Credit2B offers a cloud based credit intelligence dashboard, offering credit portfolio alerts, monitoring and management. - Our software as a service credit management system offers access to current business credit data with a management dashboard that provides the credit professional with the ability to compare the health of their portfolio with peers on metrics such as PQI, Days Slow, Highest Credit, etc. It also offers monitoring / alerting, as well as customizable credit portfolio views and watch lists.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Credit/Report-Profiles.aspx Business Credit Reports, Bankruptcy Alerts, Private Company Financials and more with Credit2B's CMS. - Every business credit profile is uniquely customized for each client based on the connections that the company establishes. These connections generate relevant system-to-system trade data and peer-to-peer experiences that are captured real-time in every profile. Additional elements include bankruptcies, public filings, executive officer information and other firmographics, trade payment benchmarks, and comprehensive alerts.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Credit/Scores.aspx Looking for a business credit score that is more predictive? Get scores built from real trade suppliers. - Credit2B's Saas credit management system offers on-demand access to business financial data, credit scores and much more. Our scores are built from real trade supplier peers and are more predictive than third party credit information sources.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Credit/Factors.aspx Services for Factoring Companies from the largest aggregator of factor AR data - Credit2B - We understand the unique challenges that factoring companies work with. Credit2B is not only the largest aggregator of factor accounts, we combine this data with credit bureau data and our own peer network intelligence to offer a truly complete solution for factoring companies. Use us for data interchange and scoring, comprehensive reporting and online credit management systems.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Technology/home.aspx Modular credit management system offered as a software service. Open architecture & highly secure. - Would you like to experience the benefits of a business credit management system that is offered on the Software-as-a-service platform? Our credit solution offers a unique blend of open architecture, security compliance and modularity that makes it a must experience for large financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Technology/Credit-Management-System.aspx Credit2B's new and quick deploying credit risk and accounts receivable management system - Our enterprise credit management system provides a centralized credit dashboard, which serves as
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Technology/Order-to-Cash.aspx The industry's leading accounts receivable management software by Credit2B - Credit2B's order to cash solution combines automation, records management and the use of enabling technologies such as web services, analytics and document management to offer a best in class accounts receivable management software solution.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Technology/Financial-Data-Services.aspx Comprehensive Credit Data Sevices and Custom Credit Solutions for Enterprises from Credit2B - If you struggle with obtaining a unified view of your customers amidst your multiple business units, our credit data loading and matching algorithms may be the answer. Our credit data services are a great fit for large enterprises with disparate systems spread across multiple geographies and companies transitioning after mergers and acquisitions.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Services/home.aspx We offer customized business credit services for the enterprise. - Would you like to reduce the cost of your credit and accounts receivables processes or improve ROI by more effectively recovering revenues? Our advanced technology and deep credit management experience can help address issues such as cash flow tied up in delinquencies and deduction backlogs. Customized credit services can be delivered as one-time or ongoing projects.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Services/Trade-References.aspx Save time, fill resource gaps and get deeper data with Credit2B's trade reference check service. - Checking references is a key part of the credit management process. Save time and get up to date business credit profiles with our trade reference checking service. Go beyond basic credit information, receive your report within three business days. If your needs are more urgent, take advantage of our 24 hour service.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Services/Managed-Services.aspx Managed Services | Credit References | Credit Applications | Credit Outsourcing | Order-to-Cash Solutions | Collections - We help our clients evaluate the creditworthiness of their customers and establish those customers on a receivables management outsourcing platform. We deliver this through cutting-edge technology and our credit experts on staff.
  • http://www.credit2b.com/Services/Consulting.aspx Looking to build best practices in credit and receivables management? Credit2B can help. - Our credit and accounts receivable consulting services can help you increase your business' profitability and cash flow. We will help you improve DSO, reduce DDO, identify and address the root causes of billing errors, deductions and disputes.

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  • Teri - A Gift From God

    This oil does what it's said that it does! The healing process begins immediately. It is powerful healing medicine! I had to adjust my dosage to a larger dose rather than the teaspoon doses that are suggested.. (In viewing Youtube users of this product, many also adjusted their dosages to their personal needs).

  • Mom of 2 - Disappointed

    Bought this thinking I could connect it to my iPhone (as advertised). Does not work! Buyer beware. Now I can't return it.

  • Kathy Grace - Sticks wonderfully, but didn't lighten much

    Dang, reading these other reviews, I feel like a freak. I agree with everything the other reviewers have said regarding the stickiness: these strips do hold much better than the old ones, and are quite unobtrusive. I have somewhat prominent canines, but had no problem wrapping the strip around them and tucking it into the crevices between teeth.

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