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CSEM - CSEM SA - CSEM is a private, non-profit Swiss research and technology organization focused on generating value for a sustainable world

  • https://www.csem.ch/About CSEM - About CSEM - Managing and fostering innovation to convert groundbreaking basic research into advanced processes, leading to innovative products and helping industry and society prepare for the future.
  • https://www.csem.ch/Solutions CSEM - Solutions, technologies, and expertise for industries - Partner who reduces time to market, managing and minimizing risk. Multiple competences simultaneously and flexible integration capacity.
  • https://www.csem.ch/Jobs CSEM - Job opportunity - ideal workplace for the world's finest engineers, researchers, and all the functions that support them
  • https://www.csem.ch/Events CSEM - Events - Past, present, and future conferences, exhibitions, symposia, and workshops, as well as lectures with CSEM as organizer, sponsor, or attendee.
  • https://www.csem.ch/About/History CSEM - CSEM's origins, from keeping time to setting the pace - CSEM's success story began in the early 1980s as a result of the visionary plans of the Swiss Confederation.
  • https://www.csem.ch/About/MissionVisionStrategy CSEM - About CSEM mission, vision, and strategy - A mission to innovate, a vision to make the difference, a strategy that delivers
  • https://www.csem.ch/About/Partnerships CSEM - Partnerships & alliances - Building alliances and strategic partnerships is vital to coping with the fast pace of technological innovation and product development cycles
  • https://www.csem.ch/About/Certifications CSEM - About CSEM standards and certification - CSEM has been assessed and is certified as a demonstration of its commitment to best practice, efficiency, and sustainability
  • https://www.csem.ch/About/Awards CSEM - CSEM achievements and awards - CSEM is a recognized innovation vector, providing technologies that enable significant scientific and creative breakthroughs in today's world
  • https://www.csem.ch/About/Socialresponsibility CSEM - About CSEM social responsability - CSEM practices environmental, economic, and social sustainability¿protecting nature and its resources and fostering our human capital
  • https://www.csem.ch/About/Start-ups CSEM - CSEM's Start-ups and Ventures - Start-ups or joint-ventures based on CSEM technologies contribute to the economic vitality of Switzerland and of established and emerging industries.
  • https://www.csem.ch/Solutions/ByExpertise CSEM - CSEM technologies and expertises - Exploiting our advanced technology platforms and multidisciplinary know-how, we deliver working innovation
  • https://www.csem.ch/Solutions/WorkingwithCSEM CSEM - How to work with us, and why? - You need a partner who reduces time to market, managing and minimizing risk. Contact CSEM
  • https://www.csem.ch/Trends/TheFutureofEnergy CSEM - The Future of Energy. So, how do you get on board? - IoT will transform most aspects of business and our lives, including healthcare, retail, transportation, and industry

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    City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

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