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Clinical Trials Connect - Clinical Trials Connect Pty Ltd (CTC) is an online patient recruitment service designed to help people interested in volunteering for medical research find clinical trials that are relevant to them.

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  • Haley R - Nice for the price

    My family uses paper plates quite a bit and these ones have been the best thus far. Size is perfect.

  • Tyla - Clever way to check your camera from your phone

    This is a clever way to check your game camera cards from your phone. I would recommend that you check for compatibility as the seller advises. I have a cheap phone that it wasn't compatible with, but it worked with a Samsung Galaxy a friend of mine has. I was able to look at pictures from my cameras cards on his phone. I let my friend borrow it and he has yet to return it. I would recommend this to someone with a Samsung phone, but I would check your compatibility as the seller describes to save you from finding out when it arrives if it works or not.

  • dustin gray - I wish e-books read like regular books

    I wish e-books read like regular books. Not sure why page numbers don't exist. Even during overlaps page numbers could be listed in the middle of a page so we know how to reference where we are

  • Nick - Decent value if you're just getting into MtG. My ...

    Decent value if you're just getting into MtG. My only problem is that I thought all the boosters would be from the core set. To my surprise, there was a pack each of Dragon's Maze, Theros, and Born of the Gods, with only 1 booster of 2015. A bit disappointing, really, but that'll teach me not to research again.

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