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  • C. R. Jacobs - Blazing Speed

    I did quite a bit of research before making this purchase.....I have ATT Uverse for my home internet. I bought this router because the ATT routers they provide are simply horrible. Because the ATT router also brings my TV and telephone into the house, it has to stay where it is. I plugged this router into one of the LAN ports on the ATT router. I was hoping for simplicity, but wasn't counting on it.

  • Nikonuser - Office for Mac works good

    So far, the Office for Mac works well. I bought it for my wife's Mac Pro Air and downloaded from the site. The process was easy to follow and it downloaded easily. The Apple Store wanted 150.00 to do this. It was half that to do it myself. My wife is happy and that's a good thing.

  • Jed Lavoie - Lots o' miles and zero maintenance

    The Facts: I bought this treadmill well over a year ago for $1799. It sits in the corner of my bedroom and I run on it about 2-3 times/week in the winter and maybe once/week in the summer. My wife walks/runs on it about once per week. I am 6ft tall and 215lbs and am a heavy runner...as far as runners go, but I put in 30-45 minutes at level 6-7.

  • Dis Guy 123 - Don't buy if you have a FM Transmitter!

    I did not purchase this item from Amazon, but my Celica came with the 3 inch stubby antenna when I bought it. I must say it gets decent reception for the most part, but it's not great. Living in the outskirts of the 5th largest city in Tennessee, I only have have reception issues with one station (My favorite). My biggest problem with this antenna is not related to reception of radio station. I have a $80 Belkin FM Transmitter that I use to play my music since I have the original 14 year old head unit. My antenna location is on the rear right of my car, and the sound quality would always be distorted and staticy. I have used the same Transmitter in other cars with the factory "whip" antenna and had no problem with sound quality. Someone recently stole that pos off my car, so now i have a reason to get a better one. I'm buying a 13 inch flexible antenna as a replacement from AntennaX. They make them custom fix for individual cars, and have excellent reviews.

  • AvidReader - I *think* it's working

    I have been taking this product for about 3 months. In conjunction I am taking MSN and biotin AND focusing on eating for catalase - the enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide in the body. Can't absolutely ascribe the improvements to this product because it's one of the things in the mix, but - I am definitely losing less hair and new hair is slowly coming in AND the new hair is coming in as my natural color, not gray.

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