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Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and the TMJ Institute of Newport Beach - Cosmetic Dentist, James Correa, D.D.S. - Serving Orange County - The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and TMJ Disorders offers reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry in South Orange County and Newport Beach. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Correa, D.D.S., offers a full range of dental services to patients at his beautiful facility in Orange County. Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. To find out what Dr. Correa can do for you, call us in Orange County today! 949.706.2100

  • http://www.designersmilz.com/html/meet-dr.html Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach, Orange County - Dr. James. Correa, D.D.S. - Orange County's premier cosmetic dentist is Dr. James Correa, D.D.S. His professional expertise coupled with the personal attention he pays to each patient allows Dr. Correa to provide specialized, individual treatment to each dental patient in his beautiful, Newport Beach location. Call today to see what Dr. Correa can do for your smile!
  • http://www.designersmilz.com/html/contact.html Orange County Laser Tooth Whitening, TMJ Dysfunction Therapy - Orange County Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. James Correa, D.D.S. - If you are ready to brighten your smile, whiten your teeth with laser tooth whitening, or obtain relief from TMJ dysfunction-related symptoms, call or email the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry Orange County today!
  • http://www.designersmilz.com/html/cosmetic.html Orange County Laser Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers and Extreme Smile Makeovers in Newport Beach & South Orange County - Our practice offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services to patients in Orange County, including Laser Teeth Whitening, Tooth-colored Fillings, and Laser Gum Therapy. Newport Beach and Orange County patients are consistently surprised with the dramatic results that can be achieved easily and with very little discomfort! Call the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and TMJ Institute of Newport Beach today! 949.706.2100
  • http://www.designersmilz.com/html/dental-implants.html Dental Implants for Newport Beach in Orange County – James Correa, D.D.S. - If you're looking to get dental implants in the Newport Beach, Orange County area, cosmetic dentist James Correa is just the dentist for you. Over twenty years of dental work in Southern California have proven Dr. Correa's ability to transform smiles.
  • http://www.designersmilz.com/html/porcelain-veneers.html Orange County and Newport Beach Porcelain Dental Veneers – Dr. James Correa - Those seeking a smile makeover in Newport Beach and throughout Orange County may be interested in porcelain dental veneers provided by James Correa, D.D.S. These durable dental veneers are highly stain resistant and look fantastic.
  • http://www.designersmilz.com/html/reconstruction.html Dental and Orthodontics Extreme Makeover - Newport Beach, South Orange County - If you are seeking a dental extreme makeover in Newport Beach, make the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and TMJ Disorders your first choice in Orange County! Orthodontics and teeth whitening are only some of the services offered by Dr. James Correa, D.D.S., to help you achieve the smile you've always dreamed of! For more information about a dental extreme makeover, Newport Beach and other South Orange County patients are encouraged to call today! 949.706.2100

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  • CR of CRE - Works great

    The one I bought is currently powering the network at home so we never get kicked from anything. Power went out a little while ago, we had Internet for our phones for about 5 hours before power kicked back on. It was great.

  • D. A. Pratt - MS Publisher 2010

    I am very pleased with this product. After limping along for several years with Office 2000, and Publisher not being available in the 2010 Office suite (bummer!) it was necessary to upgrade. It meets all my expectations.

  • thia - buy Swiffer but not their wet or dry pads; use microfiber pads

    I move to a 1000 sq ft apatment with almost all white tiles and it was so difficult to clean. I needed something and thought the Swiffer would help. Their wet pads just pushed dirt all over, left dirt lines and didn't even clean around the grout lines even though I went through the area first with the dry pads for dirt. I would go through ~10 wet pads to "clean" my floors plus I would then have to go over the entire floor with my mircofiber towels. That did the job so I thought if I can replace their pads with a microfiber pads, it might work so I went on Amazon and found a microfiber cleaning pad, Tersano cleaning cloths and they fit the Swiffer head snuggly, not the XL. It works!!! I don't have to continuously buy the chemical or dry pads to fill our landfills. The Tersano cloth pads are washable and because it thicker and absorbent, it cleans much better and doesn't deposit dirt in the floor grouts. The investment in the Tersano pads was ~$6.00 and the original Swiffer starter kit was ~$11; not bad considering a typical sponge mop is ~$18 and are horrible on tile. Buy the Swiffer but don't waste money or time with their wet or dry pads.

  • rhow - 10 yearold loves it.

    She has them all, still wanted this year's too. So great to see her moving with the music, some exercise with rythym and a big smile.

  • Russ - Fits in your pocket and works well.

    As a man who grew his first full beard at 12 and has maintained one ever since, I love any and all things to care for it. So when I was offered this amazing comb for free for an honest review, you bet I jumped on it. After using this, I will NEVER go back to a plastic comb for my beard. The heft and sturdiness of this in my hand is perfect, and with the smooth sandalwood it never shreds or tears at my beard, leaving it extra fluffy, just the way the wife loves it. If you ever grow a beard and want to maintain it well, you better get this comb!

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