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Leadership Coaching Singapore - Business, Executive Coach & Development - Devaro Partners provides leadership coaching & development in Singapore. We coach corporates, business & executive for leadership developments.

  • http://www.devaropartners.com/our-firm/ Executive Leadership Coaching, Professional Coaching, Corporate Coaching - Executive Leadership Coaching for senior management and business owners to create a long lasting result for their companies. Professional Coaching, Corporate
  • http://www.devaropartners.com/your-needs/ Personal Leadership Coach, Executive Business Coaching | Executive Coaching, Executive Coach - Personal Leadership Coach for your personal growth in an professional organization. Executive business coaching, Executive coaching, executive coach for

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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Jesse Stanchfield - So much to screw, so little time, love this combo!

    Bought this months ago and still haven't had to charge batter. Strong motors, very sturdy feel. Think I'll go find something to screw.First brush-less motor and loving it.

  • Startled - Works, but need reapplication

    I tried Dry Hands to help keep my sweaty palms and feet from slipping during yoga. It works, but needs to be reapplied at least once during my 75 minute classes. A couple minor complaints: it has a strong "alcohol-ish" order which dissipates quickly, and leaves a little white residue on my dark blue mat that wipes off easily.

  • Gwen - CREDIT CARD SCAM!!!!!! Please read reviews and BELIEVE them!!!!

    I have never written a review before but this is such a fraudulent company I felt I owed it to hard-working good people to not get taken in by this. Please listen to all the other reviewers. I unfortunately did not read the reviews until I placed my order. I cancelled it within minutes after I read Amazon reviews. Once this deceptive company got my credit card, they debited $189.00 not once but twice, the other $189.00 a week later. They were probably hoping people don't check their accounts. I got charged twice, even after I cancelled. Never even received a product to do business with them. I had to cancel my debit card also as so many others have said. IT IS TRUE WHAT REVIEWERS are saying! This company should be arrested. The Better Business Bureau warns against them and does not recognize them as a legitimate company. If I have saved just one person from going through what I went through with having to cancel my debit card and having to deal with this, it will be worth it. As others have said, if their product was so good they wouldn't need to resort to these underhanded dishonest tactics!

  • Ryan Patrick - Typos!

    I'm sorry, I haven't even read this book, but if I spot two typos just on a cursory glance of the back cover, something's wrong. This looks shoddy and cheap.

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