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Center of Development - Center of Development is an amazing therapy center for children with delayed development or pediatic diagnosis. Advanced therapies in the areas of motor skills, speech, feeding, self help, sensory processing, visual skills, attention and social need

  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/394 Who Needs Therapy? - Proper development is a complexly interwoven miracle with motor skills, emotions, cognition, nutrition, sensory processing, language, vision, and perceptual abilities all needing attention.
  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/17 Getting Started! - We can provide our clients with neurodevelopmental and sensory integration based treatment through vision therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapies.
  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/387 Services - Center of Development is the only private practice therapy center in the Upper Cumberland in Tennessee to offer kid friendly, pediatric only Occupational, Physical, Speech, and Neuro-Visual Therapies all in one place!
  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/386 Initial Evaluation - Treatment begins with an in-depth parent discussion and observations of your child. An extensive evaluation using clinical observations as well as the latest standardized evaluations will be done by licensed therapists.
  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/379 Physical Therapy - Everyone knows that Early Intervention is the key to treating children with developmental delay. But, did you know that orthopedic conditions can also affect development as they grow?
  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/301 Speech and Language Services - Speech and language therapy is for anyone experiencing delays in forming sounds, words, sentences, poor speech patterns, stuttering, poor oral motor skills and difficulty with social speech patterns.
  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/11 Vision - A comprehensive eye examination from an eye doctor is one of the most important “to-dos” and yet one that is often overlooked. Many children have vision problems that remain un-diagnosed, and often misdiagnosed as a learning disorder.
  • http://www.developmental-delay.com/page.cfm/30 General Information, Links, and Resources - These are our most recommended books, starting from pregnancy and birth, because the child's development and emotional health all start from in utero to immediately after birth, and everything in those first years is so important.

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    this stuff is amazing.it makes you work out for freakin hours.plus if you get enough protein the effects are amazing.i will deff buy this again

  • janjanmom - Too Heavy

    I am a 40 year old white female with coarse, dry curly hair. This product smells really good and would be great for an occasional deep conditioning treatment. However, this product does not work for me as an 'apply and style' product. It is very heavy and greasy. As I always am careful to point out, everyone's hair is different and it may serve your needs perfectly, it was just a little too greasy for my hair for everyday use.

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