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Onderteken de petitie tegen de dure Dexamfetamine - Dexamfetamine is onbetaalbaar geworden. De nood is hoog! Veel mensen kunnen zonder dit medicijn niet goed meer functioneren. Onderteken óók de petitie!

  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/gebruik-in-nederland/ Gebruik van dexamfetamine in Nederland - Dexamfetamine.nl - Circa 30.000 Nederlanders gebruiken dexamfetamine op medische basis, maar moeten gemiddeld 1740 euro gaan bijbetalen door de registratie van Amfexa.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/dexamfetamine-naar-amfexa/ Van dexamfetamine naar Amfexa - Dexamfetamine.nl - Hoe dexamfetamine onbetaalbaar werd voor mensen met ADHD. Wat de gevolgen hiervan zijn met betrekking tot de voorraad en de hoogte van de vergoeding.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/vergoedingsoverzicht/ vergoedingsoverzicht - Dexamfetamine.nl - Overzicht van de vergoeding van dexamfetamine-preparaten en doseringen per 1 mei 2016 van verschillende zorgverzekeraars.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/over-ons/ Over Ons - Dexamfetamine.nl - Een overzicht van de mensen achter de "Dure Dex, Niet zo Flex"-petitie. Er is de afgelopen tijd met man en macht gewerkt om de campagne een succes te maken.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/contact/ Contact - Dexamfetamine.nl - Contact pagina van campagnegroep Dure Dex, Niet zo Flex, voor persvoorlichting, persoonlijke verhalen of andere vragen en/of opmerkingen.

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  • B. Villa - Comprehensive and Easy to Use!

    I have to admit, I am not a happy camper when tax time rolls around. It takes awhile to complete my taxes. However, H&R Block's tax software has been the easiest and safest way to complete anyone's taxes. I have been using this software for a few years and I am here to tell you that as time goes on, they always seem to improve on the product, little tweak here and a little tweak there. They incorporate all the newest rules and regulations as quickly as possible with their updates so it would be hard to do your taxes wrong. They guarantee you will do it right and if you get audited, and the IRS finds a mistake... they will be right there for you. This is a safe guarantee I personally have been eased by over the years of using the software. I know no one likes doing their taxes, I know I don't, but H&R Block will make it easy to do them. They walk you through many issues you may have and recommend whatever form you will need. For those who are looking for software to help with tax season, I highly recommend them.

  • flint s sackett - mixed reasons

    i love the style of the watch, however, the mens version has a face that is HUGE. i returned it (which was painless) and got the "women's" version instead. ive had it for about 2 months and am very satisfied. btw, the rubber band wont slide on my arm as much as leather or steel. i like to wear a watch a little loose, but hate when they slide down onto my hand. this watch doesnt do that as much. 5 stars for watch. 4 stars because i had to return it.

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